Author: Barry Kaufman

Jesse Itzler: Renaissance Man

The multi-hyphenate life of a man who started out as a rapper and became one of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, authors, athletes and… whatever he’s decided to master this week. By the time you read this, who knows?

Washington on Your Side

The Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution shines the historical spotlight on a founding father’s time in the Hostess City.

Outward Bound

For 20 years, Robert Morris has served as Chief Communications Officer for the Port of Savannah,…

Through the lens of An Le

An Le’s supernatural talent for creating breathtaking imagery may have been born in Vietnam, but it was nurtured right here in the South. There is a certain vibrancy to An Le’s art…

Power of Women: It’s (WO)MAN’S world

While women are still fighting to be considered totally equal to men in many areas of life, there are a few special women who operate in careers that have been traditionally dominated by…

#PlaySouth: MLS Next Generation

Tormenta’s u16 boys achieved a first for the club’s history and now head to Texas to compete with the best in the country. Few people ever get a chance to make history.…

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

At the top of the world, where the line between planet earth and outer space begins to blur, KĒBĒ Keith Edward Snyder did something no human being has done before.

Test Drive the Porsche Life

Within the withered husk of every commuter wasting away behind the wheel of a grocery-grabber beats the heart of a driver. At the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, you can find the pulse of that heart, then send its BPM soaring as you tear across the track in one of the finest automobiles known to man.

After decades, UGA bulldogs bring home the national championship

Forty years of pain, heartache and disappointment all evaporated over the course of four magical quarters this year. With South magazine’s cameras at the ready, the Georgia Bulldogs roared into the history books with their first National Championship victory since 1980.

Adrenaline Junkies

While the South has a reputation for taking things slow and being a place to sit back and relax, there is also the side that appeals to the adventurous adrenaline hound. If you are ready to get ‘down and dirty’ then read on for a wide variety of adventures that your friends and family will talk about for months to come.

Operation Sting

At the very heart of everything we hold dear lies the humble hive dwellers of the apian world, the bees. Where they go, we go. The entire world is waking up to their plight, and the dark shadow it could cast on humanity should bees disappear.

Faces & Heels: Wrestling

By God, folks, we’ve got ourselves a slobberknocker on our hands as the no-holds-barred attitude and high-flying flair of pro wrestling takes South magazine to the mat. Whaddya gonna do, brother?

The Godfather of Flowers

Tributes continue to echo out from a city in mourning for the man that most will forever remember as Savannah’s most colorful character.

The Last Great Wrestler

When the world’s most electrifying sport first began its move from dusty arenas to the bright lights of cable TV, Jerry Oates was already a star of the squared circle.

One step at a time

Little changes add up. No one knows that better than Matt Lyda, who went from muffin top to marathons in just six months.

GoSouth: Outside is just the tip of the Iceberg

This April will mark the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic — in the early hours of April 15, 1912 — the majestic luxury liner whose tragic end resulted in an even more tragic Celine Dion song. 

Hunting for Elizabeth Mitchell

From the mysterious island of “Lost” to the sunny beaches of the “Outer Banks,” Elizabeth Mitchell brings a little touch of Southern charm to a pantheon of beautiful yet dangerous characters.

The Deens are Moving On

They may be world-famous for their Southern charm and culinary prowess, but before they ever appeared on camera or opened the famed Lady and Sons, they were just a lady and her sons. With fame came controversy, a storm that many thought would spell the end of the Deens. But ask any Southerner and they’ll tell you: You can’t keep a good family down.

Redefining the Modern Icon

From professional climber, to law enforcement, Lee Vartanian’s past experience came in handy when he launched the company that would elevate the quality and style of the K-9 gear industry.