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“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. A Man and His Dream …..

Martin Luther King, Jr., was only 39 years old when he was assassinated almost 55 years ago on the balcony outside of room 306 of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. King spent less than 13 years campaigning for civil rights and racial equality and was arrested 30 times for his work. This morning’s M5T shares some quotes from the man who had a dream.

Lights, Camera, Freeze Frame

Delusions. Hallucinations. Words thrown around like flashes of paparazzi photos. My little “episodes” as they’ve come to be known. They weren’t delusions, at least not to me. They weren’t reality either. Although, in…

Temple Day Spa + Temple Treatment Loft

At Temple Day Spa, we have cultivated a sacred space to practice the art of self worship. We provide customized facials, massages, and infrared sauna sessions to encourage our clients to be their most nurtured, relaxed selves. Indulge in a…

Evolution of a Dream

As a young girl growing up in Haiti, Sandy Duverger Odom was in awe of her beautiful aunt, who had glowing skin and taught Odom the best way to care for…

Steel Magnolias

Susie Villareal Susie Villareal noticed a significant amount of swelling along her jawline- enough to cause concern and refer to her primary care physician. An ultrasound revealed a build-up of fluid, and she was treated for a possible abscess twice.…

Run, Johnny, Run!

Duberley trains so much that his rest day includes a “light swim or bike,” but his first triathlon did not go as planned. “The first one sucked,” says Duberley. “Swimming requires technique.…



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