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“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 89 & The Power of Now …..

...I realized that as of today, there are 89 days left in 2022. Three quarters of this year are finished. And I asked myself some questions: What will you do with the days left this year? What have you left unfinished? What haven’t you started? What haven’t you stopped? Who haven’t you spoken to? Will you start now? This morning’s M5T looks at the power of doing things now for the remaining 89 days of the year.

South’s Greatest Bartenders 2022

Bartenders are people of many talents: inventors, artists, comedians, therapists, and more. These top-voted bartenders also happen to be the life of the party that is Savannah’s bar scene. 1. Noah Wolcott Perry Lane Hotel For Noah Wolcott, bartending…

A Tale of Two Characters

No, you’re not imagining things. That is Forrest Gump on a downtown trolley, politely inquiring “Is this seat taken?” And yes, that is everyone’s favorite high-seas trickster, Captain Jack Sparrow, carousing at…

Delicious. Fresh. Goodness.

Downtown Savannah welcomes Hilton Head Island icon Java Burrito, celebrating the perfect marriage of Latin leaning foods, rich well-rounded coffees, and surprising expansions to both menu and space. Fresh foods and beverages made from traditional methods, in house, from scratch,…

2022 Most Stylish: Alpha Roofing

Decades of experience with both commercial and residential roofing. Licensed, bonded, local. Fully familiar with needs of homeowners and businesses in Savannah and surrounding areas. Entrepreneurial inspiration I would say it was…

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Lessons from an Old Man …..

We became friends when I was in high school. He was already an old man, a widower, yet there was something about him that I was drawn to, intrigued by, and respected greatly. As I grew older, he became all the more influential in my life. I was reminded of him again when I saw a dilapidated fishing boat on the Pacific Ocean a few weeks ago.

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Inspired …..

“What inspires you?” I felt I gave a somewhat quick, rather trite response to my friend that asked the question. I’ve since reflected on the question, rolling it around in my mind, pondering a better answer, perhaps for no one other than myself. Today’s M5T, postulates a more considered response to a seemingly simple question that, once we understand the complexity of the answer for ourselves, can shape a fulfilled life.

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Don’t …..

I was agitated. The morning did not start out as I had expected. And then it happened. The balloon began to rise over the distance mountains. Six shots changed my perspective for the day. Six shots changed my negative thinking to a mindset of thankfulness, gratitude, and peace. And as I thanked God for such a beautiful reminder, this morning’s M5T took shape.



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