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Get An Hourglass Figure: Best Exercises For Your Perfect Body

Many women are now looking for an ideal figure they would like to be, guided by their quest for a beautiful body. One of the most common and widespread ideals in modern society is the hourglass figure. This is the classic ideal female form represented by many superstars. Hourglass figure parameters are 36-34-36 or 90-60-90 for your bust, waist, and hips, respectively. This is depending on the metric system of your country.

Monday 5 Things™.....Cogitare Iterum…..

Take a moment as you wrap your hands around your favorite bit of ceramic – inhaling the aroma that is like no other – then take that first sip of jitter juice. And pause. Cogitare; Latin for think. Today’s M5T postulates on cogitating, deliberating, pondering, musing, ruminating, mediating, considering, and reflecting. Thinking. On this Monday, before the world comes rudely hurtling in on you, take just a moment to think.

Monday 5 Things™…..Of Bridges Burnt…..

I have always been fascinated by the Vikings; not for their ruthless plundering and pillaging though. Rather, the image of intrepid seafaring Norsemen in their longships traversing unchartered waterways of the new world has captivated me since I was a kid. Even more so when I discovered how the Ostman, when advancing for battle, would often burn the bridges behind them; sometimes even burning the very ships that they sailed into harbors. Leaving only two options - victory or death. Today M5T looks at when burning a bridge can and should be a choice.

10th Annual Statesboro Kiwanis Rodeo Starts Tonight!

The Statesboro Kiwanis Rodeo will host their 10th annual event starting tonight, April 23 and 24. With local vendors, professional bullfighter Jake Geiger, and an advanced team from Optim Orthopedics, it's a family fun event for all ages! Come meet Miss Rodeo USA and more!

Monday 5 Things™…..Flight Paths…..

Rather than cram myself into the Plane Train with far too many fellow travelers, I decided to walk between terminals last week at Hartsfield International. I had forgotten about the beautiful piece of art called “Flight Paths” in the people-mover tunnel between terminal A and B. I stopped in my tracks.

Monday 5 Things ™…..Time…..

As I sat in the Atlanta Sky Club under a bizarre weather delay, I enjoyed a hot cup of black elixir and listened to Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Enjoying the moment of one of my favorite albums of my youth, I reflected on the past year and shook my head in disbelief that we are already through Q1 of this the words of that great philosopher, Roger Waters, it’s time to stop waiting for someone or something to show us the way. And this morning’s M5T took form.

Monday 5 Things…..Convergence…..

A few years ago, as we drew near Good Friday, there was a great image circulating online. It was a head, half of which wore a crown of thorns, the other half a crown of gold. The caption said, “A lot can change in three days.” I once again find myself preoccupied with the convergence of God’s plan and promises fulfilled.

Flipping & Flying

Between real estate, designing, owning businesses, writing, raising a daughter and flying planes, there is nothing Paula Rallis cannot conquer.

Spring Break 2021: Kiawah Island

Just under an hour south of Charleston, the beauty of the coastal South is on full display at Kiawah Island. The abundant wildlife is well-preserved on this primarily privately owned island, making for a sublime retreat.

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