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Edgewater Boutique

South's Most Stylish 2020: When it comes to style, Katie Cassidy has thought of it all – and a little bit more. This fashion connoisseur knows that the key to style is inclusivity and range, mixed with a healthy dose of cool.

Levy Jewelers

The epitome of fine jewelry, Levy Jewelers is the premier purveyor of Southern elegance. Levy features a diverse selection, offering a chance to find the next great look. Stop by their flagship location on Broughton Street to meet the gemstone geniuses.

Edgewater Drive

Your one-stop shop for the hottest looks at a great price. Fashionistas are flocking to Edgewater Drive, Savannah’s hottest boutique store specializing in casual and dress attire that’s fun and fresh. And, perhaps most attractively, the line was chosen with…

High Cotton Tanger

Tanger Outlets’ Chief Executive Officer, Steven Tanger, characterizes his firm as, “a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by his father, Stanley, in 1981, the company opened shop with the country’s first outlet shopping center in Burlington, North Carolina. Tanger reminisced, “At that time, our long range plan was to make it to Saturday.

Gogo Ferguson’s Designs With Nature

Alligator toe bones, rattlesnake vertebrae and sea snails may conjure up some morbid thoughts for many, but not for Gogo Ferguson. This woman sees intrinsic beauty in organic forms that are essential to life.

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