Author: Barry Kaufman

Fashionable Social Distancing

It's said that adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it. When it comes to these mask makers, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an overwhelming resolve to help keep people safe.

Battlbox: Southern Survival Hits Netflix!

The folks at Battlbox have been blowing things up and testing their gear under extreme conditions for years. With their new Netflix show, you have a front-row-seat to the carnage.

COVID-19: How a Georgia Biotech Company is Fighting Back

This Georgia State Senator beat coronavirus. Now, as doctors and scientists around the world are working to develop a vaccine, Dr. Lester Jackson's working for a cure at a local biotech company — and their solution may surprise you.

3 Ways to Avoid Going Stir-Crazy Right Now

We’re all in this together – rich, poor, young, old, all of us are stuck in the house with nothing to do. The South is a rich tapestry of arts and culture, but for all the good it does us we may as well be living in the Sahara Desert if we can’t leave our home to go enjoy it. But wait. What if the rich tapestry of the South could come visit us? What if we could enjoy it from the social distance of our sofa? Naturally, we can. Here are three ways to enjoy the South without stepping foot outside.

The Haunted South

The great mysteries of the beyond lie a little bit closer to the surface of the living world in the South.

The Huntress Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron is as real as they come — a southern Alabama native who happens to be a social media sensation. Sure the hunting and catfish noodling have made her famous, but that’s just Hannah being Hannah.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Ringed by marsh grasses and towering live oaks, the private sanctuary of Buck Island tantalizes from the shores of Hilton Head Island. It hints at the opulence that awaits any who chance to visit, or call it home.

Big Bon Stacking up to the Hype

The family behind the famed mobile pizza oven sets their sights on another iconic NYC cuisine, furthering their incredible legacy.

The Young Guns: Ben Bluemle

There's a new generation of young professionals in Savannah. Energetic, hungry and ready to take on the world, these young guns are aimed right at the top.

The Deal Meal

Come in. We're Open for Business deals. 5 spots to close the deal, plus tips on landing that next client.

Victory Business

America doesn’t care about soccer. Expansion teams never win championships. And they certainly don’t shatter attendance records. Atlanta United broke each of these rules, one by one. But what happens when a post-championship hangover hits a city of fickle sports fans?

Fueling the Future

It may seem like it’s all gasoline and fried chicken, but the technological and psychological underpinnings of Parker’s Kitchen are quietly revolutionizing the industry.

The Young Guns: Phillips and Carson

There's a new generation of young professionals in Savannah. Energetic, hungry and ready to take on the world, these young guns are aimed right at the top.

When it’s All Said and Done

It’s never too early to start planning for your end of life, especially when your finances are concerned. We asked L. Rachel Wilson for a few pointers.

Murder for Hire

In 2009 Dr. Carl drury hired a hitman to kill his wife. Little did he know, that hitman was an undercover agent.

Undercover Stories

Most of the world never realizes that there is an invisible war being waged just outside their front door, every day. These brave undercover agents of the ATF lived on the front lines of that war, infiltrating biker gangs, hate groups and international criminal syndicates, living double lives.

Powerful Luxury

For the professional on the go, this Land Rover is a mobile powerhouse.

April Bowlby

A fan-favorite TV Actress for years with roles on “Two and a Half Men” and “Drop Dead Diva,” April Bowlby has traded the golden shores of California for the Southern hospitality of Georgia for her new role on “Doom Patrol.”