Author: Sloane Frederick

Tasty Winter Veggie Pasta

Good gloomy morning, y'all!  I started the day just like every other weekday: before the sun has come up, I stretch my body, touch my toes, and eat my breakfast outside on the porch. I always feel my best in…

The South's Mouthpieces

 I am thoroughly played by the seasons, and it is spring. I have spring fever of the soul, searching for inspiration, art, grace, and passion. I have found it true that I cannot write unless I am in love, or inspired…

Strawberry Fields of Georgia

Wendell Berry, an American poet and environmental activist said, "Eating is an agricultural act." There is a true call to personal empowerment, an individual right to decide what to eat, where our food comes from, and who delivers it. What we eat determines…

All Aboard the Hipster Hound Doggy Bus

All Aboard the Hipster Hound Doggy Bus It might not seem like an everyday thing to get stuck behind a school bus, annoyed that you have to sit and wait behind this giant thing, yet remaining calm because this little…

An Act of Love

A young boy from Guatemala was destined to live a life of pain until a group of doctors from Savannah stepped in to make a difference.

Power Nurses

Nurses are involved in virtually every aspect of medicine. From admission to recovery, they see it all. Their experiences are joyous, sad, heart-warming and strange -- sometimes in a single day.

Boo Hags

Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in the states, attracting millions of of curious and inquisitive folks from all over. South reveals the inside scoop on the blue painted houses seen throughout the city.

Savannah's Prohibition

We’re talking about Prohibition. No, not that terrible time in history, but the new bar and restaurant that opened up on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Gray's Reef Film Festival

With the incoming of the New Year, so comes our New Year’s Resolutions; our promises to ourselves to expand, grow, and improve. Often times we take on these big lists of flaws and places we want to improve, that we…

Dining in the Dark

The first Dining in the Dark experience took place in Paris (who here is surprised?). The event was put on by a man, Michael Reilhac, in 1997. After this, some other Frenchmen got the idea of opening up actual restaurants…

The Beginning of Whiskey Wednesdays (WW1)

  I have no doubt that information is coming to y'all hot and fast this time of the year. It feels like the busiest time of year on our end, here at South, but I think that's probably true everywhere. Booking…

8th Annual 8k Reindeer Run: The Facts

The Holiday Season brings out "the giver" in a lot of us. Volunteer rates at Salvation Army, soup kitchen and meal centers have more hands on deck than per usual. Cities across the board host charity drives for warm clothes…

December 5 1933

So, Prohibition. Was it really that long ago?  Anti-Alcohol Prohibition Parade, Newark NJ, Oct. 28, 1932   On this day, the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, repealing the 18th Amendment and bringing an end to the era of…

Holidays are for Giving

Give what you can this holiday season!  December 1! that means it's Frank Sinatra's Holiday Station on Pandora time, right? Paper snowflake crafts, anyone? When it comes to the holidays we always want to make sure that the people we…

The Gift Giving Season

Thanksgiving is underway which means in just a few days we'll all start hearing Christmas music playing throughout the super market. If you're in the downtown area, you've already seen the Christmas tree on Bull Street has gone up. It's…

Winter Weather Drinks with Ghost Coast

Up and running for just ten months, Ghost Coast Distillery is making a name for themselves.  The first distillery since prohibition, Ghost Coast has four select spirits available on the shelf and many more small batch spirits and liquors to…

Phone Scam in Chatham County Area

An important announcement for all Chatham County Residents:  Spokesman for Chatham County Sheriff, Pete Nichols said there's been an influx of phone scams in the area and they are becoming more efficient in execution.  These scammers have started using a…

The Devil's at Johnny-Mercer Theater

Everybody knows the devil went down to Georgia, but on November 10 y’all can make your way over to the Savannah Civic Center’s Johnny Mercer Theater to see The Charlie Daniels Band!

Top Mexican Food in Savannah

Mexican food? In the South? That’s right, y’all! Even in a haven of buttery fried chicken we like to get down with spicy carnitas and shrimp tacos.

Bar Crawl 2017 Part III

Once again south magazine has compiled the greatest bars in the south for you to plan the most epic bar crawl ever. from dive bars to high-end lounges, there is something for everyone. so grab some friends and get ready to have the most memorable (or not) night of your life.

Top Four Halloween Podcasts

The Halloween month has approached us, and as we get closer and closer to the ultimate spooky holiday why not get started early by celebrating Halloween a little each day? These podcasts will do everything from spook to intrigue.

Stop in to Visit Some of the Best Bars in Savannah

Once again south magazine has compiled the greatest bars in the south for you to plan the most epic bar crawl ever. from dive bars to high-end lounges, there is something for everyone. so grab some friends and get ready to have the most memorable (or not) night of your life.

Southern Hobbies: Decoy Duck Collector

Meet Price Ainsworth. Personal injury lawyer, recognized “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly Magazine. Home-grown Texan. Decoy Duck Collector. That’s right. Decoy ducks.