Strawberry Fields of Georgia

Wendell Berry, an American poet and environmental activist said, "Eating is an agricultural act."

There is a true call to personal empowerment, an individual right to decide what to eat, where our food comes from, and who delivers it. What we eat determines where the direction of food and food production heads in the future to come. Food is as important as breathing. Without these two things, we perish. Our produce comes from the very dirt we walk on, and I find that radically inspiring. 

I have always wanted to farm. No matter where the winds of teenage angst took me, in every extravagant and unrealistic life plan I created for myself, somewhere in there I always ended up on a farm. Still now, as a writer, I moved to Georgia with future plans of graduating, and pursuing a writing career with a farm as my home base. 

In the year 2018, the longevity of farming looks less promising than the starry-eyed wants and wishes of a nine year old who thinks only of playing with cows in a pasture for the rest of their life. That notion doesn't detract me. Being here in the South has opened my eyes to all the incredible farms and farmers who persevere. They come up every Saturday to Savannah for the Forsyth Farmers Market, they wade through the unpredictable climates, they host annual festivals, bringing in the community to play games, harvest, eat, bake while being outside and enjoying food of the land. 

As I write this, the painted-shut office windows have been pried open to let the sweet breeze filter into the office space, I have a mug full of peppermint tea crafted with leaves from my own mint bush, and I know that spring allows me to feel inspired, and grounded, and full of abundance. Sounds like harvest season. It's just about time for strawberry season. Find below a handful of farms in the state of Georgia with strawberry festivals.

Jaemor Farms, Alto, GA

Look at these goooooorgeous strawberries. My mouth is watering with the sweetness of sitting on the porch after the heat of the day, eating strawberries. 

The 5th Annual Strawberry Festival on the farm in May.  U-PICK is a fun little feature with gallon buckets so you can pick your own strawberries! A strawberry cook-off happens inside the market. They also feature hayrides, and games at a small fee. Jaemor Farms makes strawberry milkshakes, has a dairy bar, and if you check out their website you will find the application form for competing in the cook-off contest. 

Mitcham Farm, Oxford, GA

Their tagline is "Makin' memories and pickin' strawberries." A simple $2 admission fee gets you time with the animals, and into the picking fields. This strawberry festival features pre-picked strawberries if you can't wait and just want to enjoy what the land has created right away. There will also be craft vendors, hayrides, and live music. This is a real festival with virtually no cost and is a great way to get everyone outside! Happening April 28, 2018.

Georgia Strawberry Festival, Reynolds, GA

Known as the granddaddy of all strawberry festivals, The Georgia Strawberry Festival. A full BBQ dinner in the park, a 5k run, and a wiener dog show. Let us not forget the Miss Georgia Strawberry Queen pageant. Admission into this party is free! 

Payne Farm & Produce, Calhoun, GA 

On May 12, celebrate mother's day on the farm! Mother's get in free, while admission is generally $7. Take a tour of the farm, get on a hay ride, pick your own strawberries, and visit the petting zoo! 

Just look at the size of those beautiful fruits.