Top Four Halloween Podcasts

The Halloween month has approached us, and as we get closer and closer to the ultimate spooky holiday why not get started early by celebrating Halloween a little each day?

These podcasts will do everything from spook to intrigue. So whether it’s a sunny Monday morning on your way to work or a dreary Wednesday walk through Historic Downtown Savannah cemeteries, pick one of these podcasts and get in the Halloween mood!

1. Here Be Monsters

The podcast that takes on the unknown, hosted by Jeff Emtman, is a whole candy bowl of different topics, ranging from the occult, cadaver paintings, and ayahuasca, to everything strange and frightening. You can listen to the whole archive here.

2. Pseudopod

Do you miss being a kid with a flashlight up to your chin while telling your friends ghost stories? Pseudopod is one of the Internet’s most popular horror fiction podcasts. Starting in 2006, they now have almost 500 episodes. Listen now by clicking here.

3. True Murder

It’s okay, we’re all obsessed with crime shows. But this one is real. At True Murder, listen to authors and true-crime lovers talk about real crimes and what it’s like to investigate them. This is an interview series hosted by Dan Zupansky with more than 200 episodes. Click here to listen.

4. We’re Alive

Let’s face it, zombies are always going to be in. We’re Alive is all the intensity of a movie drama without the movie. Listen to the story of post apocalyptic Los Angeles, as Michael Cross, former Army Reserve Soldier has to do what he can to stay alive when the zombies come out. Audio drama is undead and well. Listen to the whole story in chapters here.