The Devil's at Johnny-Mercer Theater

Where's the devil this time?

Everybody knows the devil went down to Georgia, but on November 10 y'all can make your way over to the Savannah Civic Center's Johnny Mercer Theater to see The Charlie Daniels Band! 

In our last issue, Charlie Daniels opened up to us about his career, inspirations and how he's told stories all these years. Having just finished up a book, Never Look At The Empty Seats: A Memoir just in time for his birthday at the end of October, The Charlie Daniels band is on the road again, taking a stop down here in Savannah. 

His journey is unlike any other. When you see him tomorrow night you'll be sure to see and hear a few things: An awe-inspiring show by Charlie Daniels and his five man band, you'll definitely hear about where the devil went, and you'll get to see an amazing fiddle performance while you're at it. 

Crazy fact: that song almost didn't happen. It wasn't until the band thought there should be a fiddle song on the album. Remembering a poem he read in high school by Stephen Vincent Benet, Charlie was inspired and the song was born. 

Catch the man who worked with Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, a Southern favorite, while he's in town! Get your tickets here.