Bar Crawl 2017 Part III

Did you take a trip to Savannah  to check out its rich architecture, to learn about the colorful history, and try out our delicious Southern cuisines? Did you know you can do all of those things while drinking? It’s another one of this city’s finest features. Whether you’re interested in taking a walk around cemeteries and spooky houses on a ghost tour, and packed a brown paper bag, or you stopped at Wet Willie’s on the way to pick up a frozen daiquiri in a to-go cup, or you’re checking out the Historic District and all the shops on River Street with a couple of beers from Barracuda Bob’s, it’s encouraged! Each bar you visit will have its own idea of what the South is like, and the drinks are just as unique as the people. Everyone who loves to drink has a drink that’s “theirs,” a drink that is a must-have, a drink that is to-die-for. We all have one drink that makes us feel good no matter what. Maybe it’ll be one of these! Whether it’s a Painkiller, or a Skyline Cocktail, or maybe it’s just a nice pint of Georgia beer, South shows you where to start, and where to finish the night. Saddle up with your drinking shoes.

Rocks on the Roof, Bohemian Hotel | 102 W Bay St. | | 912.721.3901

The premium drink to try at Rocks on the Roof is the Millionaire Margarita. With an eye-catching amber color, this drink is made with tequila aged 49 months, key lime juice, Cointreau (which is an orange liqueur made in Western France) a little simple syrup, and a floater of Grand Mariner.

22 Square, Andaz Hotel14 Barnard St. | @22square | 912.233.2116

This bar is located off the edge of Ellis Square, one crosswalk away from City Market. Cozied up on the inside of the Andaz Hotel, the rustic décor will put you in the right mood for a night in downtown Savannah.

Alligator Soul | 114 Barnard St. | | 912.232.7899

Our buildings have history, just like our people. From the beginning, Alligator Soul has had a past evoking jazzy, smoke filled rooms full of mystique and culture. What used to be a grain warehouse in the 1800s is now a hot and happening restaurant and bar. The name alone makes one feel very “Members Only.” To get inside you have to go down a flight of stairs, making the bar feel like an exclusive speakeasy. Once inside, you’ll find an atmospheric restaurant with a fully stocked bar. The signature cocktails have names like Etta James, and Down the Rabbit Hole. There is also a complete wine and craft beer list.

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar | 42 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. | 912.480.4564 |

Voted Savannah’s best martini for 2017, Lulu’s has found a way to get you buzzing off your favorite desserts. Choose from many options such as the Key Lime Pie Martini, the White Chocolate Pomegranate Martini, or the Milky Way Martini. With plenty of dessert wines to select, there’s something for every dessert aficionado. On top of all these sugary cocktails, Lulu’s has a full bakery of sweets and treats like crème brulee, cheesecakes and mousse — anything deliciously sweet or covered in chocolate, you’re sure to find at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar.

Stafford’s Public House | 306 West Upper Factor’s Walk | 912.660.9001 | @StaffordsPub

Stafford’s Public House proudly considers itself a dive bar. But it’s more than that. Known for its great night scene and awesome drinks, this bar is shaking things up in Savannah. Insider tip: half-priced “ship bombs” are offered whenever a ship’s whistle blows as barges pass by. Any kind of flavored vodka and redbull are included in this deal.

Ordinary Pub | 225 W River St. | 912.200.3652 |

One drink that is sure to draw out your curiosity is the Dubs Bloody Mary. Infusing behind the counter you’ll find a gallon jar full of garlic, apple, carrots, celery, and bell peppers soaking in vodka. This curated drink is poured into a pint glass and topped off with a garnish of lemon, lime and string cheese. It’s the same traditional drink with a colorful and eccentric flair. Another great option is Dub’s Public Punch, which has been put on tap because it sells out so fast. This popular drink is made with vodka, cranberry juice peach schnapps, pineapple and tropical flavored Red-bull then topped with an orange and cherry.

Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill | | 912.239.9600

Though Molly Macpherson’s supplies a stocked bar to meet every cocktail need and desire, they’re more interested in single malt scotch. In fact, they house the largest collection of single malt scotch in the Southeast.

Dub’s Pub  225 W River St. | | 912.200.3652

One drink that is sure to draw out your curiosity is the Dubs Bloody Mary. Infusing behind the counter you’ll find a gallon jar full of garlic, apple, carrots, celery, and bell peppers soaking in vodka.

PS Tavern | 11 W Bay St. | 912.495.5145 | @pstavern

Does pickle juice and vodka sound crazy to you? Word is, it’s the best pre-game method. If you’re not impressed yet, did you know they have adult snow-cones? The best way to cool down in this Georgia heat is the alcohol infused snow-cone. Not satisfied? PS Tavern is a great place to watch Monday Night Football with $3 Miller Lites.

Billy’s Place | 120 E Perry St. | 912.231.9049 |

Find some sophistication at Billy’s Place Restaurant, Wine and Piano Bar. With live piano playing Tuesday and Wednesday’s nights, you can relax in this charming bar. Plenty of hearty Southern meals pair off well with a nice glass of red. Rest, get comfortable, listen to the piano. How stressed can you be on a Wednesday night, right?

Kitchen 320 | 320 Montgomery St. | | 912.657.6856

Located inside the B Historic Hotel, Kitchen 320 takes reservations. A more casual, laid-back environment where the main focus is the food, Kitchen 320 is great for a night (or day. We don’t judge) when you’re not looking to buy everyone in the bar a round of shots. With gorgeous plates full of decorated food you might get a little tipsy anyway.

Bar•food 4523 Habersham St. | | 912.355.5956

What happens when you’re hungry from dancing the night away after 10 p.m., but you can’t stomach the idea of a basket of fries at the bar? Bar Food is the cure. Don’t be fooled by the name. A delicious restaurant bar that’s open until 1 a.m. It’s a great place to eat and wet your whistle.

El Rocko Lounge 117 Whitaker St. | 912.495.5808

If you’re in Savannah any longer than a day, you’ll probably hear the name El Rocko blowing through the wind. While a well known spot for locals, it’s a great place for tourists to check out bands in the Savannah area that play regularly, and to check out the quirky décor! The glittering bar top and gold accents gives you a modern day Great Gatsby feel.

Five Oaks Taproom, Hotel Indigo | 201 W Bay St. | | 912.236.4440

You know the old saying, “Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” Whether you start off the night at this little hotel bar located on Bay Street, or you unwind with a to-go cup of some of Georgia’s finest beers for the long walk home, you’ll want to check out Five Oaks Taproom. This bar is packed with the Southern feel, only serving local beers on tap!

Casimir’s Lounge at The Mansion on Forsyth 700 Drayton St. | | 912.721.5002

Lounge in style at Casimir’s Lounge. Head up a set of leopard print stairs to a rooftop terrace for a view of Forsyth Park with a little jazz piano playing in the background to set the mood, you’ll quickly feel an overwhelming sensation to try an Old Fashion, or a Manhattan. Perhaps even help yourself to both.