The Beginning of Whiskey Wednesdays (WW1)


I have no doubt that information is coming to y'all hot and fast this time of the year. It feels like the busiest time of year on our end, here at South, but I think that's probably true everywhere. Booking flights to go home or go on vacation, buying gifts, returning gifts, re-buying gifts. The wrapping, the cooking and the baking. And that's all the stuff you do at home. Never mind the work events, holiday events, parties. Never mind the charity work, and, heck, looking to have time to yourself is important, too. 

So, thanks, readers, for taking the time to keep up dated with us, and letting us bring you some cool and important things going on in the area that you really don't want to miss. Grab your pencils (so you can erase) and your calendars and mark down January 17 as the first night of Whiskey Wednesdays!  

This ultra-exclusive (but still, welcome for anyone and everyone who wants to attend) event is brought to you by an unlikely, yet powerful, trio, Ghost Coast Distillery, 39 Rue De Jean, and South Magazine. Starting the 17th, and one Wednesday a month after that, Whiskey Wednesdays funds will go towards a featured charity of the month. At $8 a drink, $1 of your purchase will go towards a charity! For the kick off, your hand-crafted, specialty cocktail purchases will be going to help The Coastal Arborist Association 
Here's some facts about the CAA: 

  • established in 2015 
  • The intention was to provide education, training and fellowship with arborists in the Lowcountry 
  • An emphasis on safe practices and continuing education 
  • Quickly becoming an industry resource for tree care 

We all love the trees we see in the squares throughout the city, right? Let us help the people who help them stay healthy! 

Anyway! Back to Whiskey Wednesdays! The featured drink for this event will be "The Honey Mule." 39 Rue De Jean, as always, will supply you all with the finest appetizers to noche on. 

This is an event for networking and fundraising and for having a good ol' time drinking and eating, two things we do best. Right? 


RSVP is not required, but you can get more information on the event on the Facebook page.