8th Annual 8k Reindeer Run: The Facts

The Holiday Season brings out "the giver" in a lot of us. Volunteer rates at Salvation Army, soup kitchen and meal centers have more hands on deck than per usual. Cities across the board host charity drives for warm clothes and toys. Even if we can't make the problem go away, we stretch our pockets and our front doors wide to give, and lend a hand, when we can. If cold weather does more than nip your nose, if colored lights on trees does more than make you pull out your camera, if December brings out The Giver in you, the Reindeer Run is something you'll want to be a part of. 

Sponsored by The Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire, this is the 8th Annual 8k Reindeer Run coming up this Saturday, December 16. 

With the way our world has been lately, a lot of us have sought out resources to help ourselves, or to help someone we know. We need places like RCCSAV. Started in 1975, after a background of hardship, the RCCSAV was opened by a group of volunteers working a crisis hotline 24/7. From there, they have formed into an organization with federal grant money available. From providing professional training from other agencies, sponsoring a "Take Back the Night" march, and a conference under the name "Coping after Sexual Assault," brochures and handbooks were then published and used on hand, to creating the curriculum for programs for every age group to be the most effective and helpful in dealing with sexual assault. The crisis intervention programs include some great ones, like SART (Sexual Assault Response Team), and SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners), making the reporting process more accessible and responsive to the victim. 

The Reindeer Run is designed with the idea to end bullying in mind. This includes sexting, physical bullying, homophobic comments and slurs, and verbal assault. With a message like that we should go forward this December into the new year gently. Being kind, compassionate to others, and bettering ourselves to make a better world every day, is the mission here. 

You can sign up to race here, or you can help our publisher, Michael Brooks, raise money for a donation here


Have a great end of the year, y'all!