All Aboard the Hipster Hound Doggy Bus

All Aboard the Hipster Hound Doggy Bus

It might not seem like an everyday thing to get stuck behind a school bus, annoyed that you have to sit and wait behind this giant thing, yet remaining calm because this little pause on your way to somewhere important gives you a chance to sip your coffee, only to discover the bus is only filled with dogs.

This morning South magazine was a little pit stop on the way to Doggy Day Care. Hipster Hound Doggy Daycare is ideal for working doggie parents who can’t play with their puppy all day (all dogs are puppies, no matter how old they are. Am I right, or am I right?), it’s also helpful for tourists traveling with a pup on board and can’t bring them around all day! Have your dog also get familiar with the local scene!


The Wag’n Wagon will pick your dog up in the morning and return them at the end of the day! Anyone living near Ardsley Park, Kensington Park, Habersham Woods, mid or downtown is perfectly en route to have their furry friend along in the Wagon.


Queen Bianca, Mariel Tillett’s black lab had the Wagon stop for her right outside our downtown office this morning, with all of her friends waiting for her.


Equipped with three different play yards for different dogs playing style, they are enclosed with plenty of room to run indoors and outdoors. Fear not, if your dog gets worn out or looks like they need a break, there is quiet time for them to nap.


If your pup is a little bit more of an independent puppy there are private play areas, with a little bit extra charge for them to spend some time alone.

Doggy Day Care is a good way for your pup to make friends while you have to be out and about doing grown up things (i.e., not rolling around in bed all day playing fetch and taking afternoon long naps). Just imagine all the stories your dog will have to tell you about when they got home off the bus.
You can find out more information about the Hipster Hound here.