May River Excursions

GoSouth: Bluffton, South Carolina: Captain Chris opened may river excursions in spring 2011 conducting tours along the may river in the six-passenger “marsh donkey.” Over the years their operation has grown into an eight-boat fleet with a brand-new retail store operated by family and friends.


May River Excursions

The soul of Bluffton flows on the tides of the May River. In point of fact, the name of the town itself comes from the high bluffs that flank this majestic waterway. This little slice of aquatic heaven on earth meanders through creeks and shallows, concealing and revealing wide sandbars on its surface, and plentiful sea life in its depths. Generations of Blufftonians have worked its waters, filling their tables with fish, crab, shrimp and the singularly iconic May River oyster.

There isn’t a family in town who knows these waters like the Shoemakers, and they’ve been sharing that knowledge with visitors and guests at May River Excursions since 2011. Quickly growing to a fleet of ships piloted by experienced captains, they have introduced countless visitors to the wonderment that awaits around each bend in the river.

Join one of their voyages and you’ll find the best places to spy dolphins, reel in fish, cast a net for shrimp and coax out a few crabs. You’ll also venture beyond the mouth of the May and discover in-shore fishing along the waters of Hilton Head Island and Daufuskie, reeling in red fish and sharks.

If you simply want to soak in the scenery, take an excursion that explores the fascinating ecology and history that make the May River unlike any other river in the world. Book your trip at

Excursions include: 
Shark Tooth Hunts/ Fishing/ River Tours
Dolphins/ Water Taxi/ Sunsets

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The people have spoken: May River Excursions is the #1 TripAdvisor Tour in Bluffton.

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The May River is a flood of fascinating stories, from its historic role as Bluffton’s main connection to the outside world, to its unique ecological niche as a brackish haven for all manner of sea creatures.

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The May River might be as close to heaven on earth as it gets, and this is the best way to experience its magic.

Address: 81 Calhoun Street, Bluffton, SC
Phone: 843.304.2878