April Bowlby

A fan-favorite TV Actress for years with roles on “Two and a Half Men” and “Drop Dead Diva,” April Bowlby has traded the golden shores of California for the Southern hospitality of Georgia for her new role on “Doom Patrol.”

In the oversaturated world of TV comic book adaptations, there’s something that sets “Doom Patrol” apart. One of the tentpole shows of the newly launched DC Universe streaming service, the show blends the typical superhero tropes into a hearty stew of absurdist humor and dark comedy.

Rather than a spandex-clad band of heroes with mighty powers, the characters of “Doom Patrol” are a ragtag bunch of castoffs and outsiders whose powers are generally more a curse than a blessing.

There’s Robotman, voiced by Brendan Fraser, whose metal body contains the brain of a foul-mouthed race car driver. Negative Man, played by Matt Bomer, whose power stems from an energy being living inside him with whom he rarely gets along. Crazy Jane, played by Dianne Guerrero, a loose cannon with 64 separate personalities each with their own power. But perhaps most intriguing is Elasti-Woman, and much of that stems from the actress who plays her, April Bowlby. Rather than the typical Mr. Fantastic/Plastic Man/Elastigirl stretching ability, Elasti-Woman’s power basically causes her to collapse into an amorphous blob when she’s stressed out.

“You do not want her on your team,” said Bowlby with a laugh. “But that’s what I love about her. She’s always the naysayer… She’s like, ‘No no no, someone else will clean up this mess. Let’s not put ourselves out there, because no one would do this for us.

Bowlby has been a fixture of TV screens since landing her first major role as Kandi on “Two and a Half Men” just weeks after her first auditions. This led to a recurring role on “How I Met Your Mother” as well as roles in films like Broken Lizard’s “The Slammin’ Salmon.” Landing “Doom Patrol” meant heading out to Atlanta where the show is filmed. For a born and bred California girl, it’s been quite an adjustment for Bowlby.

“Apparently Georgia is like one of the top three states for allergies. I’m having a hard time,” she said. “But other than that it’s been great. Just the best food. The city is amazing and the people are really friendly. I’m finding it a joy to be here.”

“Doom Patrol” doesn’t represent her first foray into the peach state, however. She co-starred on the Lifetime original series “Drop-Dead Diva” which filmed in Peachtree City and allowed for a daytrip to our own slice of the South. “My mom is so lovely, she comes to visit me when I’m on location. We decided to take a road trip to Savannah and it as the best, I have to say. It’s gorgeous,” she said. “The magnolia trees, the Spanish moss, it was very enchanting…”

The filming schedule for “Doom Patrol” hasn’t allowed Bowlby much opportunity to explore Atlanta, but what she’s found has amazed. “I love the beltline. I walk that with my dog, Clementine. It’s a really amazing, special thing that connects the city. I wish every city had it.” There have also been the requisite tours through the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta’s plentiful book stores and Ponce City Market. “You know, the classics.”

And while she has rave reviews for the city’s people, culture and food, as a California girl there’s been one huge adjustment to make.

“I will say the weather. I’m not used to the weather. In Los Angeles it’s 70 degrees every day unless it’s summertime,” she said. “We were shooting episode three and in the middle of the shoot there was an announcement made that there was a tornado heading our way,” she said. “I’m like, ‘What’s happening? Where do we need to go? Should we call the Red Cross?’ I get very nervous with weather.”

It probably doesn’t help that the weather throughout the Southeast has been… unpredictable lately.

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