Battlbox: Southern Survival Hits Netflix!

The folks at Battlbox have been blowing things up and testing their gear under extreme conditions for years. With their new Netflix show, you have a front-row-seat to the carnage.

Portal, Georgia is generally pretty quiet. A tiny hamlet northeast of Statesboro, you won’t even find a single stoplight blocking your way as you drive through.So you can imagine how the explosions had people in the small town talking.

“It’s hard to keep quiet when you’re blowing (stuff) up,” said Daniel Dabbs, CEO of Battlbox and one of the stars of Netflix’s new show “Southern Survival.”


Dabbs founded Battlbox more than five years ago after seeing the rise of subscription services that deliver everything from makeup to toys. “I thought, hey, I want to get a subscription box with stuff that I want. But what would that look like.” For the experienced outdoorsman, it meant survival gear that could withstand the harshest conditions. Each “mission,” delivered to subscribers monthly, aids with a different scenario, whether it’s getting lost on the trail, starting a fire in the rain or surviving at sea. “It’s really a passion project that turned into a business,” said Dabbs. Battlbox now ships to all 50 states, where it has turned into a phenomenon for families across the country. “We get emails from people saying the products are great, but the most important thing is it becomes a family event, where everyone gathers around, then the kids put phones down and go outside. Getting it in a box and sticking in a corner isn’t what it’s designed to do.”

Out of the blue, my phone rang. It was our guys in the elevator on their way down from their meeting with Netflix execs, saying, ‘They love youguys and theyre ready to get something signed right now.

Of course, finding the best stuff for customers requires rigorous testing. And with the band of personalities at Battlbox including “resident redneck survivalist” Brandon Currin, Mikki Montgomery and Steve Jordan, this testing makes for some seriously addicting television. Each episode starts with a scenario, then branches off with the team testing out gear in the wildest ways they can. “We assign everyone a mission, go out in the field and try to not only test the product but have some fun and turn that volume up to 11,” said Dabbs. “We like to say, ‘What good is surviving if you can’t have fun doing it?”

Time to gear up? You can start now but checking out their montly subscription program here

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