The Deal Meal

Husk General Manager Heather Mitchell not only played a crucial role in establishing the restaurant in Savannah, she was also fundamental in creating the wine program. That last bit is important, since no good business deal began with bad wine.

Come in. We're open for business deals. 5 spots to close the deal, plus tips on landing that next client.

Whether you’re simply meeting with clients to retain their business or entering into fighting pits of fierce negotiation, there’s no bigger decision than choosing the right venue. Are you negotiating on friendly terms over a few thirst-quenching craft beers? Or are you meeting the other side in white-linen sophistication, grappling over terms and securing your business the high ground while sipping champagne?

There is an art to the deal. It’s a skillful dance of negotiation, offers, counteroffers, concessions and ambition. It takes nerves of steel, a sharp wit and a willingness to do what must be done. It’s a game of consequence. And it’s definitely not something you want to embark on with an empty stomach.

Husk’s chicken liver pate with sorghum, strawberries and a corn cracker is a sophisticated starter for your next business deal.


With its blend of Old Savannah sophistication and down-home Southern roots, Husk is a great choice for the power business lunch whether you’re pressing your advantage or kissing the ring.

If you’re out treating a client to a meal, grab one of the seats by the bar and enjoy the buzz of conversation around you. Sean Brock’s expertly curated menu, built to reflect Savannah’s culinary history, means the two of you are going to find something that will definitely spark a conversation. And that’s what you’re here for, right?

But if you’re closing, you’ll want to go all out. Book the Independence Room, where the elongated farmhouse table mimics a boardroom, but with much better food. You’ll have room to bring in the whole team, if you need to.

“Husk is a great choice for the power business lunch whether you’re pressing your advantage or kissing the ring.”

“Husk is a great choice for the power business lunch whether you’re pressing your advantage or kissing the ring.”

Sometimes a business lunch is built on negotiating a deal. Sometimes it’s just about getting together with clients to show them a good time. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a shrimp and crab roll from Moss + Oak.

Moss + Oak

One of the great negotiation techniques is to let the other side get so comfortable they forget they’re supposed to be negotiating.

And it’s hard not to settle in and enjoy yourself when you’re staring down mesmerizing views of the Savannah River at Moss + Oak. And if you want to talk comfort, there’s plenty on the menu with classic Southern comfort food from buttermilk fried chicken to shrimp and grits. And the culinary flair with which this comfort food is presented lets you demonstrate to your client that you understand the finer things in life, giving you the upper hand when you sit down to close.

Order one of their signature cocktails and toast to your success. You’re about to close the deal of a lifetime, surrounded by the city’s most scenic views.

Celebrate that special client with a run through the menu at Crystal Beer Parlor – pairing a N.O.G.S. Burger with a delicious craft beer and capping the meal with some yummy peach cobbler.

Crystal Beer Parlor

For more than 80 years, Savannah’s deals have been won and its business landscape changed over handshakes and suds at Crystal Beer Parlor. Captains of industry have dined here, drawn by its low-key, approachable charm.

And today is the day you carry on their legacy. One of the keys to a successful negotiation is being real. Clients can tell when you’re putting on airs, and Crystal Beer Parlor is a place when you check your pretense at the door. Beer is one of the great unifiers of the world, and nowhere is that truer than over the negotiating table.

Grab a cold one and dig into one of their signature burgers. You’ll soon be toasting your victory like so many generations of business titans before you.

Finding the right entrée is key to a successful business meeting. At Moon River Brewing Co., go for the grilled chicken salad and keep it light, or dig into the bacon swiss chicken sandwich.

Moon River

One of Savannah’s most famed lunch spots, Moon River Brewing Company happens to be one heck of a place to close a deal.

If you’re treating a client from out of town, odds are good this famed hotspot is already on their must-see list. Show then you’re in touch with their needs and indulge them with mouth watering food and a beer list that’s as extensive as it is expertly curated. You’re not just selling your product, you’re not just selling your expertise, you’re representing your city. Head to the beer garden and show your client how Savannah does business.

And when it comes time to sit down and negotiate, you’ll find that the fun and friendly atmosphere is a great way to relax tensions around the table. Use this to your advantage and close the deal amid Savannah’s mecca for celebrations.

Emporium Kitchen and Wine Bar at Perry Lane Hotel offers succulent sophistication for a chic business lunch.

Perry Lane

Business is all about presentation. There’s a reason why the top closers are all driving luxury cars and wearing designer suits. It’s about projecting an image, showing the world that you’re a hard-working American success story.

To show your client you mean business, and that your business is one of class and sophistication, head to Perry Lane where class and sophistication live. Show out-of-town clients how we eat in Savannah at The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, where local fare is reimagined in high-class epicurean fashion, and world-class wine informs a lengthy list.

Or, show your client you’re a business that takes a rebellious approach to the rules by wining and dining them at the Wayward. Refined but off-beat, the vibe at Wayward is definitely a great way to tell your client you do things a little differently from your competition.

And once you’ve closed that deal, celebrate in style on the rooftop bar at Peregrin.


Tips on Landing that Next Client

No matter where you choose to guide a business deal to a close, you’re not going to get far if you don’t follow a few simple guidelines.

Set the Ground Rules
Your best opportunity to control the pace, the parameters and the language of the deal is at the beginning. Mapping out the negotiation process before it even begins is your opportunity to control the playing field and set crucial benchmarks and deadlines, tilting the odds in your favor.

Control the Pace
One unique aspect of the business lunch is that at some point you’re going to eat. This is crucial in that it can be difficult to properly elaborate on your position with a mouthful of oysters. Use this to your advantage. If you want the other party to feel comfortable, take a break and let them enjoy their food. If you want to throw them off their game, get them talking right after a bite. Likewise, if you need a chance to stall and mull over a response, do the classic “chew and think it over.”

Create Urgency
Attaching a deadline to a decision is a great way to incentivize the other party to commit. It also gives you the opportunity to make them feel like they have the upper hand, so long as they make a decision soon. It’s not about rushing them; it’s about giving them one more reason why they should see your side of things (before they can think of any reasons why not).

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