Southern Sippin': Vice Lounge

Fancy something sweet and spicy? Vice Lounge + Mojito Bar has got you covered. 

If you're going to  put the word “mojito” on the sign, you’d better nail the classic cocktail. At Vice Lounge + Mojito Bar, they not only perfected the mojito, they’re reinventing it.

“A lot of bars will shy away from mojitos because it’s a notoriously labor-intensive drink,” says Vice Lounge founder Chris Clarke. “But I think it’s a fun and interesting drink and it fits our atmosphere.”

The mojitos at Vice Lounge run the gamut, with 12 different varieties on offer that range from the Havana Classic, which echoes the drink as Clarke sampled it in Cuba, to the Spicy Passionfruit Mojito, pictured above and prepared by Elizabeth Hancock, which blends sweet passionfruit and Sriracha into the classic.

“That’s my personal favorite,” admits Clarke.

Want to try your hand at this spicy sweet cocktail?

Check out the recipe below.
• 1.5 oz rum 
• 5-6 mint leaves 
• 2 lime wedges, muddled 
• 1/4 oz simple syrup 
• 3/4 passionfruit 
• dash of Sriracha 
• dash of soda water

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