South Magazine - Winter 2021/22

Healthy Dining

When people think “Southern food,” they tend to think all things buttered, battered and fried. Down-home cooking is often an indulgence — food made with love that puts a few years on the heart. But those who truly know Southern food know the brilliant range of fare native to the region that makes the culinary scene so exciting. This region’s best chefs have the unique privilege of working with a diverse palate of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dynamic, flavorful dishes.

Drs. Christi and Pete Ghaleb / Family Medicine

Family Medicine of Pooler was established in 2010 and became the first direct primary care (DPC) medical practice in Savannah, Ga., in 2017. For Christi Ghaleb, M.D. and Pete Ghaleb, M.D., that ultimately means they get to spend more time with their patients without letting insurance companies get in the way. They love it, their patients love it, and they believe you will love it too!

Eatin' Oysters Has One Shelluva Benefit

Peak oyster season is here, meaning Southerners will be slugging slimy, sweet, salty oysters by the dozen through the “r” months and beyond. While oysters boast exquisite flavor profiles, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals, too. Every oyster offers pearls of health benefits, whether they contain a small, round gem or not.

PLAYSOUTH: Ball Your Heart Out - Rescheduled for April 2

After several years of being held in Hilton Head, the 25th Annual Southern Coast Heart Ball will return to downtown Savannah. Chaired by Ricky Molina, Area CEO of Encompass Health, the event will include dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions. 

New Song

International power couple, Keitaro Harada and Yuri Kurashima, have landed in Savannah conducting a new, refreshing song in the Hostess City.

Dr. Tim Minton / Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery is entirely dedicated to only face and neck reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery. They provide the most comprehensive surgical and non-surgical options in the region to their patients and clients. They have a full medical spa with esthetic services, fillers, botox, lasers and skin care that is physician directed and results driven.

Operation Sting

At the very heart of everything we hold dear lies the humble hive dwellers of the apian world, the bees. Where they go, we go. The entire world is waking up to their plight, and the dark shadow it could cast on humanity should bees disappear.

Faces & Heels: Wrestling

By God, folks, we’ve got ourselves a slobberknocker on our hands as the no-holds-barred attitude and high-flying flair of pro wrestling takes South magazine to the mat. Whaddya gonna do, brother?

Dr. Chris Whelan / Chiropractic Care

Savannah is very fortunate to have many great chiropractors in practice. There are multiple approaches and schools of thought regarding spinal care to be found here in the low country. Whelan Chiropractic has been located downtown in the historic district for almost 25 years and we do our best to provide care on a very personal level in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Sidney P. Smith / Medical and Surgical Dermatology

The Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic focuses on medical and surgical dermatology, as well as aesthetic services. The experienced medical team always serves their patient’s needs in a professional, caring, and personalized manner.

The Godfather of Flowers

Tributes continue to echo out from a city in mourning for the man that most will forever remember as Savannah’s most colorful character.

2021 South’s Greatest Kids

Growing up in the South gives a special, magical air to childhood. Being a Southern child means spending a lot of time outdoors, having an innate sense of friendliness, loving animals, and possessing exceptional manners (as their parents tell us).

PLAYSOUTH: Get Your Boat On

The Savannah Boat Show, now in its 20th year, will this year again be on Hutchinson Island, Georgia, overlooking the Savannah River and on the South Carolina border.

Drs. Scott Vann, Matthew McLeod, Barbara Davies, Luke Curtsinger / Plastic Surgery / Medical-Grade Skincare

Savannah Plastic Surgery was the first plastic surgery group in Savannah, Georgia. The practice was built on a strong history of service to the low country and our surgeons continue to earn the respect of our peers and the confidence of our patients. Dr. Barbara Davies, Dr. Luke Curtsinger, Dr. Matthew McLeod and Dr. Scott Vann uphold a foundation built on trust and a culture of listening to patients and working with them. Our entire staff reaches out to our patients to meet their every need.

​​10 Ways to Look Younger

​​10 Ways to Look Younger in The Ever Changing Landscape of Health + Wellness From South’s Greatest Doctors, Dentists + Chiropractors 2021/22

Dr. Matthew McLeod / Plastic Surgery / Migraine Surgery Pioneer

Savannah Plastic Surgery's Dr. Matthew McLeod specializes in cutting edge surgical and non-surgical approaches to facial aesthetics, body sculpting, breast enhancement, and breast reconstruction. He has advanced training in laser and energy-based technology for non-surgical rejuvenation.

Last Stop Winter 2021: Let it Snow

For many of our Northern friends, this is a common scene; but many Southerners can only dream of sparkly white blankets of frozen fairy dust. The last time it snowed in Savannah was January 3, 2018 when snow fall accumulated in up to two-to-four inches for some regions.

Anchor Medical: How To Have A #BetterLife

Paul Farthing puts together a box of samples for a young client that’s recently experienced a spinal cord injury. He adds a variety of types of medical supplies that he thinks might be required, but also his business card with his cell phone written on the back. He tells him, “Call me if you need anything at all.”

Find Your Why

Find Your Why at the YMCA of Coastal Georgia. Not a gym, a way of life.

Southern Made Wellness

Sometimes, the idea of Southern hospitality applies to yourself, too! Take a break from running around after everyone else and unwind with these wellness goods.

Everything Shut Down. Everyone Opened Up.

Staying true to format, the short story behind Larry Smith's enigmatic, inspiring, organically created, and endearingly animated book, "A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Year: Hundreds of Stories on the Pandemic,” can be summed up in six carefully chosen words: Everything Shut Down. Everyone Opened Up.