South Magazine - Winter 2021/22

Innocence Shattered

Savannah native Jessica Linton (Billingsley) seemingly had it all... Girl Scout leader and avid church member, mother, wife, loyal volunteer and dedicated employee. She spent her days brimming with gratefulness for the life she had been so blessed to receive. Linton’s moral compass had never led her astray – do the right thing, and you never have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law. Or so she thought. Will there be Justice for Jessica?

Georgia on Our Mind

Georgia film is back in business, and we’ve got our thumb on the pulse and the down-low on what’s coming up.

The Last Great Wrestler

When the world’s most electrifying sport first began its move from dusty arenas to the bright lights of cable TV, Jerry Oates was already a star of the squared circle.

One step at a time

Little changes add up. No one knows that better than Matt Lyda, who went from muffin top to marathons in just six months.

So Far, So Funny

A personal conversation with “Claws” star Jenn Lyon, whose message on health and career really packs a punch (line). The world loved the six sensational seasons of “justified”, but now “Claws” has scratched its way to the top of what’s hot, With the fourth and final season about to drop.

Bodies: Fitness Photographers

A ​​great athlete is, in themselves, a kind of work of art. Just as a sculptor chisels away rock to reveal the beauty within, these elite athletes chisel away weakness to create a fine-tuned machine. The ability to capture that art in a single, mesmerizing moment is what sets these fitness photographers apart. South presents the third installment of curated works from some of the greatest wellness and exercise  photographers wandering the Southeast.

COVID Regeneron Treatment

Over the last two years, healthcare has been a battlefield. As people are desperate for neutrality, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals may have forged a middle ground for COVID-19 treatment and prevention.

The Westin Spa Experience

When you say the word ‘spa’, most people think of ladies of leisure being pampered. However, the spas located at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, and The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa, offer both guests and locals access to a long list of wellness services. Read on to discover how you can augment your wellness routine through the ultimate relaxing experience of a spa day. Select the perfect package at the perfect place, whether it is at The Heavenly Spa by Westin Hilton Head or at The Heavenly Spa by Westin Savannah.

COVID to Clothing

Mae Burrows has been making clothes since she was four years old cutting up her mother’s clothes (which got her promptly enrolled in sewing school). It’s been in her blood even longer, stretching back to her Great Grandmother, Beulah Mae, a direct descendant of Betsy Ross, who also “cut things up to sew.”

Helping Coastal Georgia Age Well

Serving Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Coastal Care Partners is a locally-owned company that is changing the way the community ages, by offering the area’s only comprehensive, nurse-managed aging life care programs.

Shift Your Focus

It makes sense that forcing a lifestyle change that doesn’t speak to your intrinsic motivators might fail. Instead, try focusing on developing your motivators so that the thought of quitting ceases to be appealing. Follow along for a few tips on creating health-positive changes with this new focus in mind.

The Art of Recovery

Addiction has to do with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and treatment requires a holistic approach. NewDay is dedicated to maintaining a personal touch based on individual care.

It's Laser & Peel Season Y'all

What is laser and peel season? Only one of our favorite seasons of the year (aside from the holidays, of course). Let us explain.

Healing Beyond the Body

In spite of their widely contested effectiveness, alternative therapies continue to be an extremely popular choice. At the very least, these practices can help you take a break from your daily stressors and relax. And who wouldn’t benefit from a little R&R?

Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

Many organizations from the CDC to private foundations have been conducting studies that are reporting negative psychological effects caused by the pandemic, including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion and anger. This is leading to a growing mental health crisis in all parts of the world, with over 40% of adults in the U.S. dealing with some form of depression.

You Need A Brazilian ... (Someone Had To Say It)

Southern Sugaring’s original interpretation of luxury services makes going to the spa fun. They play hostess, shamelessly flaunting Southern charm with a slightly scandalous sense of humour, all the while performing services with meticulous attention to detail.

Healthcare: Building a Resume

While there are endless job openings in the healthcare industry today, landing your dream job is as difficult as ever for many professionals. How many of us spend the most important years of our lives at a job we have no love for, while longing for a thriving career, or earning top-tier pay at a dream institution? Oftentimes, the difference between these two paths is a well-crafted resume. So let’s get to work on that interview-worthy CV by starting with the most common mistake that keeps landing yours in the shred bin; it’s not relevant to the job you are applying to.

South’s Greatest Nurses & Medical Professionals 2021

Each of South’s “greatest nurses” describe their profession as a “calling”; some knew their destiny as children, others grew into the healthcare field, inspired by the work of others. These heroes are sharing their experiences, stories and advice from surviving the pandemic and looking forward to the future of healthcare.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The adventurism that permeates throughout the series is bred from the energy of the Holy City, from the winding waterways to the nooks and crannies of the town. There’s something in the water, breeze and streets — an infectious je ne sais quoi that nourishes and excites the soul.