South Magazine - Dec-Jan 2020

Xtreme Doc

How being on the water shaped one doctor’s life.

A Clean Bill of Health

Memorial Health has been a beacon of the community since 1955. Now, they’re investing in the health of the region for the long-haul.

Eat Clean. Live Well.

Clean Eatz changes lives every day, providing fresh, portion-controlled meal plans and delicious noms for a healthier lifestyle.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Sick of political correctness and being told you’re using the wrong pronoun for someone? Spend a few minutes with legendary stand-up and freshly minted Southerner Nick Di Paolo. You’re nowhere near as sick of it as he is.

Road to Glory

Having won three of his last four national competitions, including a junior Olympic gold medal, “Hit Man” haven Brady is on his way to the top of a fiercely competitive sport.

Physician, Train Thyself

Surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, running, road biking, mountain biking, cross-training — Dr. Jack Considine does it all.

Welcome to Mo-Town

Mo Dixon does more before nine a.m. than most people do in a day. High-energy is an understatement. Welcome to Mo’s life.

Kind of Big Dill

Athletes and amateurs alike relish playing the unapologetically weird sport that’s gripping the nation.

Recharge for the New Year!

You need a break. These five spiritual retreats will recharge you mentally and physically and help you stick to those New Year’s Resolutions.

Berenger Takes His Show on the Road

Award-winning actor Tom Berenger has quietly lived among Lowcountry locals throughout his storied career. Now, he’s heading out on the highway in an ultra-luxe RV for a taste of the nomadic life.

Fitness Fanatics

Three athletes who live, breathe and eat fitness reveal their secrets on how they achieve a top level of performance. Finding the motivation is half the battle.

Seeking Peace

With the constant demand and drain on our attention, it’s natural to wish for stillness, a getaway that lets you get away not just physically but spiritually — a retreat for the soul. And it’s here, just 30 minutes east of Atlanta, at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian...What does it mean and how can you jump on what might be the healthiest diet on the planet?

Savannah For Morons

The Moron Brothers, John Brennan and Dan Gilbert, give Savannah’s history an irreverent twist.