How the Alida Hotel Makes your Stay the Healthiest Ever

Working out has become a part of the health trend for vacationers. Check out these hotels that provide you a state-of-the-art gym so you don’t miss a step.

Vacation can be tough on our bodies, especially in Savannah with its myriad dining options and robust selection of alcohol. But one hotel wants to make your sojourn a boon to your wellness, not a threat: enter the Alida Hotel.

Tucked beside Savannah’s historic, and notoriously fattening, River St., the Alida Hotel takes every facet of your health seriously. The hotel opened in October 2018 with health in mind, developing a modern gym alongside a menu of healthy takes on Southern traditions in each of its eateries.

“We really wanted to create a take on the Southern food that could be a daily food that you could eat in our restaurant every day and you won’t gain 15 pounds,” said Arthur Sertorio, the Alida’s general manager. “We use a lot of local farmers and a local butcher and we try to play with those ingredients, make them look nice and taste good.”

The hotel offers four dining destinations: the Rhett restaurant, The Trade Room lobby bar, the aptly named Pool Bar, and on its rooftop, the Lost Square. Each comes equipped with health-conscious menu items like the Rhett’s artichoke risotto, fried cauliflower and specialty breakfast sandwich.

The wellness centerpiece, however, is the Alida’s state-of-the-art fitness center. The full-sized gym features two Peloton bikes each with virtual programming to guide your workout; it has free weights, yoga mats and a punching bag. But what separates the Alida is its commitment to fitness.

“When you go to a hotel sometimes you feel like the gym is kind of an afterthought,” said Sertorio. “At the Alida it felt that that was definitely not an improvisation. We knew from the get go that we were going to offer a good gym. It’s a really relaxing space that’s facing the pool, so the guests can go in the pool right after.” 

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