For Jane Floyd, Hunting Is More than a Sport. It's a Balancing Act

Hunter, fisherwoman, and fitness competitor, Jane Floyd, better known as Bar Bee Bell, talks balancing personal and professional pursuits, bucking expectations and bringing down 14-point bucks.

Jane Floyd bow hunts from a blind. Hunting from a tree stand is easier – you can see farther, move around without spooking a deer – but that’s not her style. “Being on the ground is more exciting,” she says. “It’s harder when you have an animal looking straight at you.”

Floyd looks most things in life dead in the eye. She has plans for a big excursion to Colorado next year to go on an elk hunt and just returned from a tuna fishing trip off the coast of Louisiana. She has always been an outdoorswoman, but working at Daniel Defense turned that hobby into a passion. “I became more interested in the outdoor industry and how weapons work, and I started investing money and time into becoming more of a sportsman.”

Floyd takes that passion very seriously and educates herself on what she’s doing. “I don’t go on a boat and expect someone to bait my hook for me,” she explains. “I want to know what bait to use when, what species is out there, how to navigate my boat. Being knowledgeable about being a sportsman is the ultimate goal.”

Her passion for fitness developed in tandem. Floyd had always been an athlete, but bigger game requires more strength. “If I were out of shape, I would never be able to negotiate an elk hunt,” she says. “I have a passion for bodybuilding, but it’s secondary to feed the hunting and fishing. Physical fitness has opened a lot of doors for me in terms of outdoor experiences.” She takes advantage of the opportunities bodybuilding has brought her – she’ll be competing in the World National Bodybuilding Federation’s Iron Eagle competition this upcoming March.

"I couldn’t imagine reeling in a 150-pound fish a few years ago. There’s a level of physical strength you need to be able to participate in these sports."

Floyd used to be a long-distance runner and trained for ultra-marathons. She switched to CrossFit at Down Home CrossFit & Fitness Center a few years ago around the same time her interest in outdoor sporting took off. The two pursuits blossomed into a lifestyle for Floyd, she says. “I couldn’t imagine reeling in a 150-pound fish a few years ago. There’s a level of physical strength you need to be able to participate in these sports.”

There’s also a considerable level of commitment. Floyd graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in applied psychology. She uses that as a project engineer with Daniel Defense, where she gets a lot of support for her pursuits. As she balances an 8-to-5 with a rigorous workout schedule, Floyd’s day-to-day routine might look boring or even austere to some – at work by seven, straight to the gym afterward, eat, sleep, repeat and hunt on the weekends – but it’s balanced by the thrill of reeling in a prize fish or tracking an elk through the Colorado wilderness. “Those are the moments,” she says. “Everything else is just staying the path.” 

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