Eat Clean. Live Well.

Clean Eatz changes lives every day, providing fresh, portion-controlled meal plans and delicious noms for a healthier lifestyle. 

Clean Eatz started as a “grand central station for gym rats.” Owners Evonne and Don Varady were passionate about fitness. “It was about helping my personal training clients get the lifestyle they wanted,” Evonne said in a video explaining their story.

After opening, they noticed different demographics coming in than the gym rats they initially targeted – families, older adults, busy moms. That revelation changed the game. They shifted focus, and 40 franchises later, they support healthier lifestyles across the Southeast and Midwest.

Veronica and Scott Kilpatrick own Savannah’s Clean Eatz franchise (#CleanEatzSavannah). They opened hoping to promote healthier eating habits by providing delicious dietary options. “Working as a pharmacist for the past ten years, I have seen firsthand that diet-related diseases like Type II diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are on the rise. These diseases are often directly related to unhealthy eating habits and lack of portion control. Our ultimate goal here at Clean Eatz Savannah is to positively impact people and do our part to help prevent these diseases by providing fresh healthier alternatives,” Scott said. “Health is the new wealth!”

Clean Eatz offers a dine-in café, meal prep service, and lifestyle coaching. Customers choose from meal plan options ranging from five to 21+ meals per week that can be picked up in-store and reheated at home. The meals are pre-portioned and balanced for customers’ unique goals.

The Kilpatrick’s own health and fitness journey got them started in the business. “It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle,” Scott said. They’re on a mission to change lives (or #changelivez as they like to put it at Clean Eatz) in Savannah, one meal at a time. 

Balancing Your Plate
Here's what they say. Weight loss is 60 percent diet, 20 percent working out, 20 percent sleep. Yes, getting eight hours a night can impact your weight goals as much as pumping some iron. If that ratio applies to lifestyle, it also roughly applies to how you should portion your meals. Depending on your goals, a balanced meal contains about 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent proteins, and 25 percent carbs. Your goal to get fit is just a phone call away! 6825 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA.  912.344.4710

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