Savannah For Morons

The Moron Brothers, John Brennan and Dan Gilbert, give Savannah’s history an irreverent twist. 

What started as a stage show turned into a comedy bus tour and now a full-on Moron lifestyle. The Savannah for Morons Comedy Trolley Tour is the brainchild of the Moron brothers, John Brennan and Dan Gilbert. The two worked as history guides and comedians before writing the 90-minute goose chase through 300 years of Savannah history. At one point on the tour, Brennan leaps off of the bus, racing after the Forrest Gump feather, confusing tourists. These days, the brothers are adding some siblings and taking their schtick to events like DineSouth where they entertained crowds who expected to try some roast beef, not get roasted. Wherever they go, the Morons make it a frolicking, and fairly informative, good time. 


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