Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian…What does it mean and how can you jump on what might be the healthiest diet on the planet?

Eat this. Don’t eat that. Fat is bad. Not all fat is bad. Almond milk is good. The almond milk craze probably contributed to the wildfires in California, you insensitive almond-lover. For something so simple, it’s incredibly difficult to know how to eat.

“Nutrition is a fledgling science,” Megyn Jefferson explained. Jefferson is a nutritionist and owner of Morsel, a plant-based meal delivery service. “In general, my baseline is that as long as you are seeking to crowd your plate with plants, you’re headed in the right direction.”

The general gist is this: Eat your vegetables!

“In my opinion, there is no other diet that can have such a large impact on the world and individual health,” Jefferson said. She gave veganism a try a few years ago in a 30-day challenge and hasn’t looked back since. “It went from a passion to a hobby to a fire in me,” she said.

Jefferson’s first step toward turning this hobby into a career was to enroll in an integrative nutritional program. She learned the basics of a whole range of different diets and why people support one or the other. “I came out of that still very convinced that a plant-based diet is best for the world’s health. Not just individual health, the world’s health.”

Jefferson began working with clients to overhaul their pantries. Many of them started asking her to prepare the food for them. Thus, Morsel, her food-delivery service, was born.


Haute Veg

To kickstart your veg-friendly lifestyle, we curated a list of some Savannah restaurants that may not always be top of mind when it comes to vegetarian eating. Meaning – the whole family can eat well whether they’re vegetarians, vegans, or classic omnivores.


Jazz'd Tapas Bar

Tapas are perfect for pleasing a vegetarian palate. Jazz’d Tapas Bar offers a long menu with a variety of tapas choices, so it’s easy to create a thoughtful, satisfying meal. This underground spot oozes swank and serves up Americanized Spanish tapas in a sultry setting. Grab a martini at their sultry bar or bring your party to the dining room.



Being Southern means committing to the depth of flavor that indigenous and heirloom vegetables bring. No one does that better than Husk. Husk expanded to Savannah from their original location in downtown Charleston. With Executive Chef and Savannah son, Chris Hathcock, at the reins, Husk takes inspiration from Lowcountry ingredients and explores Southern-grown flavors in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District.


Le Café Gourmet

French cuisine is not known for being vegetarian-friendly, but the Paris-born, Southern transplants at Le Café Gourmet treat their veggie-loving customers to a taste of Paris with their vegetarian-friendly menu options like their Vegan Crepe. With fresh-baked breads, croissants, and pastries prepared daily on site, Le Café Gourmet tempts vegetarians and omnivores alike to indulge in the sweet things in life.


Ordinary Pub

With a burger-heavy menu, Ordinary Pub may not be top of mind for vegetarians. But when vegetarians must opt for the salad, chef Grizz at Ordinary Pub does a salad right. The location on Broughton Street is perfect for lunch during a day of shopping or a bite and a brew in the evening.



Vegetarians need not feel left out when it comes to fine dining at a.Lure. The menu doesn’t feature vegetarian dishes exclusively, but chef Bryce Knott, who specializes in Southern recipes that focus on seafood, will create a custom meal to suit any dietary specifications. Pescatarians delight!

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