Creative Approach

South's Most Stylish 2020: Creative Approach knows how to make creative dreams a reality. The team transforms ideas and digital to tangible mediums. By only using the highest quality products, expert techniques and cutting edge technology, Creative Approach is the Lowcountry's choice for full service printing.

Goldon House Gallery

South's Most Stylish 2020: A visit to Goldon House Gallery is like a trip around the world. Artist Vincent Golshani creates a space to showcase art in its purest form, away from the snobbery and elitism without sacrificing sophistication and intrigue.

Port City Customs

South's Most Stylish 2020: There is a reason Port City Customs is South magazine's "Face of Cool." Owners Brandon and Jessie Edenfield are the only choice in the Lowcountry to trust with making your ride the hottest in the streets.

Advanced Aesthetics Academy

South's Most Stylish 2020: Heidi Daly, owner of Advanced Aesthetics Academy and lead esthetics instructor, understands that true passion for what you do yields the best results. That's why she opened her "working spa," which was created to bridge estheticians in training seamlessly to the workforce.

Meet the Speakers of SCADstyle 2017

Featuring style icons and visionaries like Billy Reid, Carol Hamilton and Imran Amed, this annual gathering of international design luminaries and influencers sharing their expertise with the next generation of creators, visionaries and artists.

House of Strut

There’s no better way to put it than this—House of Strut is Erica Jarman: confident, courageous and cool. Her style is a bold, head-turning, eclectic mix of vintage and modern. She has the presence of a rockstar and her enthusiasm radiates in everything she does.

Fashion Icon Settles In Savannah

Internationally renowned fashion designer, James Hogan, visited Savannah from his hometown of Boston in 1990 and decided to open up his Whittaker Street shop shortly after that. “I just love everything about living here and Southern women really get classical styles.