Advanced Aesthetics Academy

Heidi Daly, owner of Advanced Aesthetics Academy and lead esthetics instructor, understands that true passion for what you do yields the best results. That's why she opened her "working spa," which was created to bridge estheticians in training seamlessly to the workforce.
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Heidi Daly. / Photo: D. PAUL GRAHAM.


“Enroll today to follow your passion.” – Heidi Daly

Heidi Daly, owner of Advanced Aesthetics Academy and lead esthetics instructor, has been teaching esthetics for over 11 years and has had a vision to open a state of the art esthetics school, offering a “working spa” for students. The team at Advanced Aesthetics has over 64 years of combined industry experience. By offering the maximum hands-on training with advanced modalities through their 450-hour licensure and endorsement programs, full service clinics and continuing education classes, the academy proves its passion for style and beauty, and boasts one-hundred percent pass and graduation rates – solidifying their position as a leader in the industry. “Enroll today to follow your passion.”

Clinics at Advanced Aesthetics are run just as a fully operational spa would be run, which allows the transition from school to the field to be seamless. The teaching staff and leadership are committed to empowering their students throughout the learning process and beyond. Given their standard of success, the academy is planning to expand the curriculum for new programs, which will be announced on their website that includes more information about specific services and techniques covered, as well as rates and financing.
Address: 176 Dermis Ave. Hardeeville, SC
Phone: 843.784.3376

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