House of Strut

There’s no better way to put it than this—House of Strut is Erica Jarman: confident, courageous and cool. Her style is a bold, head-turning, eclectic mix of vintage and modern. She has the presence of a rockstar and her enthusiasm radiates in everything she does.

A few years back, Erica Jarman left the corporate world, where she worked as a recruiter, to pursue her dream of running her own business in the fashion world. She was tired of what she calls “the rat race,” and she felt her natural talent for “thrifting” and her innate personal sense of style would set her own fashion line apart. Her style is reflected in her vintage collections of clothing and accessories sold online and in boutiques. Her online venture has been very successful—now she’s turned her focus to the creation of her own retail boutique—House of Strut.

“Vintage is nostalgic and I love the energy it brings me. It has a past, a soul, an experience. When I wear vintage, I think about the journey the item has been on, the people before me that wore it and the experience they had when they wore these pieces.”

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