$(12),000 Reasons to Attend International Diamond Center’s Luxury Watch Showcase

If your Rolex is collecting more dust than admiring glances, it might be time to think about selling it. Normally, that would be easier said than done, but with International Diamond Center’s three-day Luxury Watch Showcase going on from July 26-28, it’s as simple as showing up at the event. Here’s why you should mark it down on your calendar:

1. It’s a chance to take a break and look at nice things. We know, it’s a guilty pleasure.

2. You can actually make good money off of a broken or slow watch.

3. It’s a great opportunity to admire beautiful time pieces from every era. 

4. Even if your watch is well-worn and loved, IDC will give it renewed value at the showcase.

5. Looking to upgrade? You can trade your watch in for something better. Or downgrade if that’s what you’re after. 

6. Don’t have something to sell or trade? It’s a great chance to congratulate yourself on your latest accomplishment. You deserve it. 

7. Any birthdays coming up? Anniversaries? A special someone might be in need of a special watch. 

8. If your aim is to buy, watches from all over Savannah will be in circulation at the showcase, each with its own unique story, and you’ll have your pick.

9. You might find some other things to look at while you’re there. Maybe a little something that will make your SO love you even more.

10. Surely a high-end watch showcase presents a great networking opportunity. It’s all about being seen. 

11. If you know nothing about watches and are ready to confront the fact that you probably should, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot. 

12. IDC planned for people with busy schedules and gave you a three-day buffer. You have time and you know it. 

So come, browse, buy, trade or sell—whatever your aim, we can assure you that you will be in watch heaven. The brands sought by IDC at this event include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Vacheron Constantine and Audemars Piguet.