South Magazine - Oct-Nov 2018

Eat. Beach. Eat. Top 5 Beach Eateries

With Tybee and Hilton Head Islands so darn close to the Hostess City, it’s kind of hard not to end up having a favorite beach eatery. There’s nothing more fun than chowing down on some classic Southern cooking while watching the waves in the distance.

Who's Got More Charm?

As the second season of “Southern Charm Savannah” has come to an end, we’ve compiled ten of the most TV worthy categories that puts the two shows head to head to see who came out the most charming of all.

Southern Crafted

Savannah may have been late to the craft party, but we sure did show up in style.

Film Revolution

Starring the cast of Southern Charm, Chris Goram, Myles Truitt, Jackson Rathbone, Andra Reeve-Rabb & The Savannah Film Alliance.

Interior Drama

Interior designer and Savannahian Leah Bailey lifts the curtain to reveal the misconceptions behind the filming of a reality show.

Made from Scratch

Southern cook and homesteader Ashley English cooks up an awareness for healthy eating and living through classic Southern recipes and traditions in her latest cookbook, “Southern from Scratch.”

Weathered Or Art?

To you, it might just be a wall. To Jeremiah Brzoska, it’s a canvas. Through his company Artistic Finishes of North Florida, he’s making the world a more beautiful place, one project at a time.

Last of the Good Ol Boys?

Love him or hate him, politicians like Brian Kemp are changing the future of politics by introducing a new sense of honesty.

Unapologetically Southern

With his cowboy hat and his dad-next-door style, Chad Prather is an unlikely star in a YouTube galaxy full of millennial snowflakes and dudebros.

South's Greatest Chefs, a Q&A

This year’s Greatest Chefs Contest turned out to be cutthroat. With 46 entries, more than 30,000 votes, and a shocking turn that left some of the Lowcountry’s best chefs in the lead.

Full Circle

With 25 years of experience, SCAD Dean Andra Reeve-Rabb gives us an inside look as life as a casting director, creating the only casting office in the world at the university level, and what to do during an audition.

Velvet Caravan

This unorthodox, boundary-pushing musical group is making waves by updating their sound and putting on the best gypsy swing shows in the South.

Ain't Clownin' Around

In the wake of the creepy clown epidemic, we sat down with Stitches, one of the creepy clowns scaring the South and co-owner of Dead City Clowns, to discuss the clown epidemic, his most memorable scares, and just how scary he thinks he really is.

Up the Skirt

Thirty years after the opening of club one, one of Savannah’s only gay clubs, the artistry of drag shows reigns on, shifting the tides of inclusion to create a more accepting South.

Straight Shooter

In his quest to remain unique and unpredictable, Shooter Jennings, son of country legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Coulter, does the unpredictable by going full country in his latest, most personal album.

Life After Idol

In 2013, Candice Glover won the most successful and competitive singing competition in America. So why did this 28 year old decide to go back to college?

The Art of Fame

An artist in every sense of the word, local creative force Sarah Sandin reflects on her roots, life in L.A., and spreading her wings southbound.