Who's Got More Charm?

When “Southern Charm Savannah” aired on Bravo last year, Charleston cast member Shep Rose referred to their sister show as the “redheaded stepchild.” As the second season of “Southern Charm Savannah” has come to an end, we’ve compiled ten of the most TV worthy categories that puts the two shows head to head to see who came out the most charming of all.


Consummate Grand Dame:

Charm Champion: Patricia Altschul, Charleston

Reality Reason:  Lavishing in an exquisite Southern lifestyle with her own butler that delivers the perfect martini at 4 p.m. each day by the ring of a bell, it’s hard to go up against Patricia, but Brandon Branch, with his lavish party planning skills and penchant for an early afternoon cocktail, is a close second for the Savannah throne.


Most Romantic Story Line:

Charm Champion: Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie

Reality Reason:  Charleston has hardly been lucky in love, but you can’t help but have rooted for high school sweethearts, Lyle and Catherine these past two seasons.


Most Cringe-Worthy Spoiler:

Charm Champion: Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie

Reality Reason: Sadly, Catherine and Lyle’s first engagement was a no-go, but who didn’t believe they would have a happy ending? Unfortunately, by shows end they had not, but we’re still holding out hope.


Best Newcomer:

Charm Champion: Hagood Coxe

Reality Reason:  Hagood, a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate and artist, made it through her first reality season unscathed from drama to make her first batch of Carolina Gold Sake, producing it with her family rice.


Best Southern Saints:

Charm Champion: Savannah

Reality Reason:  Charleston’s rap sheet has become increasingly controversial, but the Savannah cast has kept their noses clean and remained out of trouble, and no one has been to rehab.


Cast with the Most Southernly Charm:

Charm Champion: The Hostess City cast boasts far less drama than their Holier counterparts, and while it makes for great reality TV, it’s just not becoming of a true Southerner.


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