Interior Drama

Interior designer and Savannahian Leah Bailey lifts the curtain to reveal the misconceptions behind the filming of a reality show.

Some little girls grow up playing with their Barbie Dream Houses—they arrange, rearrange, and rearrange again, making new spaces out of old ones—and Leah Bailey? She actually grew up to be one of these interior designers in the making.

Savannah raised, and graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Leah Bailey is the owner of both LGB Interiors, LLC, and the Design House Interiors Group. Hanging tight to the dream of transforming spaces, she created the Design House Interiors Group in hopes of having a collaborative space in which different designers could work out of.

Apart from growing such a successful interiors firm, Bailey had the chance to film with both HGTV and Bravo in hopes of showing a behind the scenes process behind interior design. Focused on the renovation aspect of designing homes, Bailey and her colleague, Linn, got to film two pilots for a show that still airs called “Vintage Savannah” with HGTV.

As for Bravo, Bailey and her team filmed a presentation for the production team, but found that Bravo’s terms for “successful entertainment” fell under the umbrella of deep drama and a false chaos that didn’t properly represent the design firm. This revelation further brought Bailey to realize that “TV land” is a whole different animal.

Behind the façade that is set behind an LED screen and the antics of a staged life, Bailey notes that there are real people and real lives that are to be lived out. On the last day of filming with HGTV, Bailey says she didn’t quite know what to do with herself.

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