Unapologetically Southern

With his cowboy hat and his dad-next-door style, Chad Prather is an unlikely star in a YouTube galaxy full of millennial snowflakes and dudebros. But his razor-sharp wit and rapid-fire delivery of good old Southern wisdom and side-splitting rants have rocketed him to viral fame, leading to appearances on Fox News and a heavy touring schedule. We caught up with the pickup truck pundit to play a game of “finish this sentence.”


The best thing about the south isThe food and the hospitality.  Everyone is taught from childhood how to cook biscuits with lard and to say “ma’am,” “sir” and “please.” Great.  Now I want some grits with real butter.

I am most scared of… Snakes.  Growing up in Georgia, my grandmother used to say that if you killed a rattlesnake you could come back to the same spot at the same time the following day and its mate would be there.  I never tried that.  I was afraid she might be right.

My favorite joke is… How did the redneck die drinking milk? The cow sat on him.

The worst thing about the south is… The food and the hospitality.  I mean…have you seen how much lard is in those biscuits? That stuff can kill you.  Heart attack in three…two…GACK! And we ALL know what you mean when you say “bless your heart.” I’ve seen the sweetest southern belles lose their mind in Atlanta traffic.

Raising kids these days is like…Trying to walk up the down escalator at the mall.  As soon as you think you’re getting somewhere with your kids, they’ve already found another way to fool you.  Dadgum Internet.  I’ve got a wife, three dogs, a cat, five kids, and a vasectomy.  Someone had to stop the madness.

If I were president for just one day I would…Start planning my post-presidential speech tour.  Those dudes are making some serious cash.

Most people don’t know that I…Once accidentally locked a baboon in our van while packing it up in Nigeria.  How do you get an animal that can rip your arms off of your van?  It’s definitely an interesting story.

Other than comedy, I’m known for my…shyness. Just kidding. When I die, if they stuffed me and put me on display in a museum the plaque would read: Here we see “the Chad” in his natural habitat…the cocktail party! There’s nothing shy about me. 100% extrovert.

The one good thing I’ll say about the north is…it’s where my mother was when she went into labor and had me. I think the great state of New Jersey has even considered putting that fact in their interstate welcome signs. I don’t think I lived there long enough to qualify, however. Four whole months of life in Jersey and as soon as the snow melted, my parents loaded up the station wagon and we headed home to Georgia.


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