South Magazine - June-July 2018

Power Pub

From the best bourbon in the South to Moscow Mules served in soup cans, the Ordinary Pub’s eclectic selection of drinks makes this Broughton hotspot anything but ordinary.

Better Than the Cannoli

From "The Godfather" to "Ormond Beach," actor and singer Johnny Martino, now 81, continues to captivate with his incredible stories and Italian charm.

White Cop, Black Sheep

Kevin Grogan has never been one to play by the rules. Not when he was a homicide detective for Savannah-Chatham Metro Police, and not today.

From Passion to Profit

Five entrepreneurs. Five passions. Five businesses. See how these successful business owners followed their passions and turned them into sustainable incomes. Maybe we all could learn a thing or two.

Cow by Bear

Similar to locating Waldo in a sea of masterful doodles, Chef ’Po Bear is as elusive as he is popular.

Writing on the Wall

Ever since she’s been able to hold a pen in her hands, Brittany Curry has been writing on walls.

Savannah Influencers

Savannah Women Come Together to Support Local Charities Through the Power of Social Media,

Let me take you to Perry Lane

Chic and boutique, the Perry Lane Hotel is finally ready to welcome Savannah’s locals and tourists with a vision for a unique lodging experience in the Hostess City’s Historic District.

Off the Beaten Path

Nestled at the mouth of the Altamaha River in Georgia’s Mcintosh county, 50 miles south of Savannah is a quaint southern haven known as Darien.


It’s a hole in the wall that screams Italian...the people, the atmosphere, and the food...oh yes, the food!

Heaven's Angel

Convicted felon Mel Chancey is living proof of the everlasting strength of second chances, showing the world that sometimes the road to heaven winds through miles and miles of hell.

She's No Southern Belle

Lois Wooten has been one of Savannah’s most visible residents for decades, a staple on the social scene. But how well do you really know the Hostess City’s beloved socialite and philanthropist?

Hello, My Name is Dad

The improbable—more like one in 17 million (give or take a few million)—meeting of Tommy Schaff and Joe Gleason would change their lives and form an unbreakable bond between this father and son duo.

Power House

The three little piggies wish they’d had a house like David and Andrea Howard’s. He skipped the straw, sticks, and stones and went right to concrete and created an architectural marvel.

Uncommon Living at Ford Plantation

The world’s first billionaire, Henry Ford, had the wherewithal to live anywhere his heart desired. And his heart desired Richmond Hill, Georgia.

South’s Greatest Bosses

In this issue, we feature five fantastic bosses with enthusiastic "best boss" nominations from their own employees, those fine working folks who make the dreams possible.

Girl Power

Sure, she spent her early life in New York and now she resides in Los Angeles, but Jennifer Bartels still considers the South home.

Echoes of Old Savannah

Bestselling author C.J. Daugherty’s new book draws inspiration from her time prowling the streets of Savannah.

Power Poetry

Need your voice heard in the community or just looking for a positive outlet for your frustrations? Attend one of Savannah’s growing number of open mic nights.