Better Than the Cannoli

JOHNNY MARTINO FELL IN LOVE WITH FRANK SINATRA when he first heard the scratches of one his records at six years old. Prior to his iconic role as Paulie Gatto in The Godfather in 1972, young Johnny wanted nothing than to meet his idol, the Chairman of the Board. When one fateful day he found himself in the same establishment as Sinatra —who was in the company of Sammy Davis Jr. —Johnny did not hesitate to introduce himself.

He walked to the back where Sinatra was seated and, mesmerized, called out, “Frank.” Johnny extended his hand. “Johnny Martino.”

Sinatra saw the young man, “Johnny,” and stood up. “What can I do for you?”

Johnny stuttered, “Can I get your autograph?” Never mind the fact he had neither a pen nor a piece of paper on his person.

Sinatra noticed this, too. “What do you want me to sign?”

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