Savannah Influencers

Savannah Women Come Together to Support Local Charities Through the Power of Social Media.

One of this year’s most talked about social media buzzwords is “influencer,” meaning one whose social presence generates a following large and consistent enough to pay attention to said influencer. On paper, the term might reflect a tired exercise of selfies and shameless self-promotion, but one group of Savannah women is rapidly changing the name and game of what it means to influence in the digital age for the better.  

Savannah Influencers is a “For-Purpose Organization” made up of 24 local women who share a common goal: to support one another in life, business, and charity chiefly through the forces and effects of social media. The organization is headed by a board of five women who, like the makeup of their group, each come from different walks of life. 

According to Co-Founder and President Meredith Barfield, the group understands how social media can be used for a positive cause based on each member’s own experience in various areas of marketing, sales, and advertising. “We wanted to utilize it so we could help different organizations through fundraising and awareness initiatives,” Barfield explained.


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