Author: Justin Jarrett

Mark McCullough

While many dream of being an actor, this former lawyer took matters into his own hands and approached it from a business perspective. Just a few short years later, he has found the road to success.

Amber Nash/Pam Poovey

Pam Poovey loves primates … and other stuff you didn’t know about “Archer”’s Amber Nash.


Founded on a dream and funded by the resale price of a used Volkswagen Beetle, SCAD has grown from humble beginnings into a global powerhouse of the art world.

Walkin’ Tall

The legend Shaq Diesel taking law enforcement to new heights.

Westin Savannah Harbor Gets a ‘Stunning’ Makeover

If you’ve stayed at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, you know it’s a unique resort that boasts a number of characteristics that set it apart from the competition. But if you haven’t visited since Feb. 1, you…

Through the Eyes of Arby Lipman

Arby Lipman took his photographic art from the balcony of his home to the wilds of Africa. These days, you’ll find it on the walls of the Smithsonian after his vision of the world beat out 26,000 other photos for the top spot.

He said She said

Former police officer connecting with the woman she was meant to be.

Fight the Good Fight

Armed with the unfailing strength and support of their communities, these cancer fighters and survivors share how they chose courage when the odds were against them.

Southern Food Revolution

From the farm-to-table movement, to the incorporation of nontraditional ingredients in classic, southern dishes, the south is finally reverting back to grandma’s way of cookin’ in an entirely new menu and movement known as the Southern Food Revolution.

Love Your Kaos

After hitting rock bottom, Amanda Groves has regained control of her life by learning to love the mayhem.

Molds Are Made to be Broken

Lowcountry builder John Moleski of JM Designer Properties skipped the traditional and opted for the latest trends in creating his show home that sits front and center in Palmetto Bluff.

Cow by Bear

Similar to locating Waldo in a sea of masterful doodles, Chef ’Po Bear is as elusive as he is popular.

She's No Southern Belle

Lois Wooten has been one of Savannah’s most visible residents for decades, a staple on the social scene. But how well do you really know the Hostess City’s beloved socialite and philanthropist?

Hello, My Name is Dad

The improbable—more like one in 17 million (give or take a few million)—meeting of Tommy Schaff and Joe Gleason would change their lives and form an unbreakable bond between this father and son duo.

Girl Power

Sure, she spent her early life in New York and now she resides in Los Angeles, but Jennifer Bartels still considers the South home.


Sure, a good run always gets the heart pumping, but what about a 100-mile race? As an elite ultramarathon runner, Patrick Reagan has grown accustomed to pushing his body to the limit, and often does so in strides.


Keith “Kebe” Snyder turned to skydiving as a means of escaping his day-to-day dramas. Ninety-five jumps later, Kebe strapped a board to his feet and tried out the more advanced--and dangerous--discipline of sky surfing.

Time for a Change

The new year is always the best time to start fresh and begin new and healthier ways of living. These professionals make it their business to keep us southerners in shape both mentally and physically.

Scenic Routes

While much of the country is confined to the horror of the treadmill for the winter months, this is the best time of year to get out and explore the South on foot.

Bobby Deen Comes Clean

He’s positioned himself as the first family of Southern food’s resident health nut. But it wasn’t always that way. For Bobby Deen, the long road back from addiction and overeating began within.

Evander Holyfield is: The Real Deal

Evander Holyfield didn’t become the four-time world heavyweight boxing champion without some help along the way. Now the “Real Deal” is trying to help others escape poverty and crime through boxing, and he’s starting in Savannah.