Author: Barry Kaufman

Royal Intent: A Gala for the Ages

GEORGE the second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, king, defender of the faith, and so forth. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting. So begins the charter of the great state of…

Plan Your February Hilton Head Vacation

Why You Need to Start Planning Your February Hilton Head Vacation   We know. We know. February? A beach vacation in February? But hear us out – Hilton Head Island is more than just beaches. It’s more than just golf.…

Ready for Spring Break on Hilton Head Island?

It seems like we’re heading for a pretty mild winter here in the South. Just the same, we’re already looking forward to spring break. Yeah, March is a long way off. But it will be here before you know it…


For everyone reading this, there is a time and a place where the final chapter of your story will be told, you will breathe your last and you will move on.

Dr. Hot Rod

Dr. Ronald Finger is famous in these parts as being one of the best plastic surgeons in the south. Few people know him as Ron the Race Car Driver.

Husk Savannah

Sean Brock’s four-city celebration of Southern cuisine comes to Savannah.

Farm to Table

Once thought of as simply a fad, Farm to Table has come to serve as a rallying point for conscious consumers, restaurateurs, and family farmers eager to bring food back to its roots.

Ghost Coast: The True Spirit of Christmas

Looking for that last-minute gift idea for the discerning spirit lover on your list? You’re in luck because we’ve discovered a treasure trove of amazing gifts at Ghost Coast Distillery. Beyond their famed libations, Ghost Coast is a celebration of…

New Years Eve on Hilton Head Island

New Year’s Eve on Hilton Head Island Ring in 2018 in style on the coast. It’s about time to make your New Year’s Eve plans, if you haven’t already. And if you haven’t, you’re in luck because we have an…

Your Guide to a Hilton Head Family Vacation

There’s a reason why the roads of Hilton Head Island tend to skew fairly minivan-heavy during the summer months: with its 12 miles of sandy beaches and endless opportunities for recreation, this is paradise for family travel.   Whatever your…

The Road to Cranford Hollow

Hilton Head Island’s resident boot-tappin’, fiddle-shredding rock stars have toured the country, conquered the recording studio… and mellowed into one of the most musically rounded, dynamic live shows in the South.

Ride with Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus, everyone’s favorite bike-riding zombie-killing bad boy from The Walking Dead, recently took his new show Ride with Norman Reedus through Savannah. In an exclusive interview, South magazine gets his thoughts on the Hostess City, life on the road, and which of his co-stars he’d throw to the zombies.

Southern Entrepreneurs:

Most entrepreneurs agree that timing is everything. Meet some of the south's most successful that have changed with the times or hit the market at just the right moment.

Arthur Blank's Check

How Arthur Blank, a kid from New York, wound up transforming the South—a few million in charitable donations (and one Super Bowl appearance) at a time.