Find Out How The Baywatch Saga Continues on Tybee Island, GA

In those dark days before the Internet, there was really only one source for titillation: the famed slow-motion jiggle fest that was Baywatch. And to a much, much lesser extent, Baywatch Nights.

Besides serving as a bridge between David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider era and his “shirtless on a floor, drunkenly devouring a cheeseburger” era, the show launched the careers of Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert and many more. Actually, it was pretty much just them, so scratch that many more.

The premise of the show, if it could be said to have one, is that life guards are sexy. Still with us? Great! Because in the interest of turning every old TV show into a movie, they’ve decided to revive that premise for Baywatch: The Movie.

The new film promises, at least, to present a fresh take on the material. Instead of just being sexy, these lifeguards are also hilarious. Leading the cast is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has shown off his comedic chops in movies like “Central Intelligence” and in the pro wrestling ring as half of the “Rock and Sock Connection” tag team with Mick Foley. He’s joined by Zac Efron, who managed to hold his own comedically against Seth Rogan in “Neighbors” and somehow survived the dumpster fire that was “Bad Grandpa.”

So why are we talking about “Baywatch: The Movie?” Because huge portions of it were filmed right here in Savannah and on Tybee Island. So how did our beaches become a stand-in for the beaches of Venice, Malibu and Los Angeles that served as the setting for the original show?

It’s partially because of Savannah’s growing reputation as a stellar place to film, with  Savannah Film Services Director William Hammargren telling Savannah Morning News that film and television projects so far this year have spent more than $58 million in the area, an investment expected to generate more than $124 million in economic impact.

But we’re just going to say it’s due to the majestic pier and pavilion on Tybee Island, a spot so beautiful you’ll almost notice it back there behind all that slow-motion jiggling.

Baywatch opens May 26, 2017.

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