Range Therapy, The South's Guide to Proficiency in Firearms

Forest City Gun Club

The lore of the South is written in gunpowder. Other parts of the nation may see us as clinging to our guns, but here we know better. We know that proficiency with a firearm is a lost art,one that requires the utmost in dedication and care to maintain.  

Quickshot Savannah 7202 White Bluff Rd
Savannah, GA 31406 912.349.3361

Part of a chain stretching from Charleston to Atlanta, the Savannah location offers 10 shooting lanes at 25 yards each, plus a massive selection of pistols, long guns and machine guns to rent, from .22 to full auto (you can even fire shotguns, if they’re loaded with slugs). If you want to get really gangster with it, you can even try out a Tommy Gun while doing your best James Cagney “Top of the world, Ma!” impression.

First-timers and old pros alike will find something to draw them here. For newbies, $100 will get you into the Quickshot 101 class, guiding you through the basics of safe firearm handling. There is even half-hour training sessions with range masters for new and old shooters running $30 a pop.

Quickshot Savannah.

Patrick’s Uniforms & Indoor Gun Range
2307 Highway 80 Garden City, GA 31408
912.355.0205 patricksuniforms.com

This chain also has locations in Jacksonville and Tampa, but it all started here in Savannah with a uniform store for police officers. Turns out the boys in blue can always use a great indoor range, so the uniform business and the shooting range business turned out to be perfect bedfellows.

Let your friends hang out in the spectator area while you perforate some targets at one of 10 25-yard lanes in an indoor range with some of the best air purification you’ll find (which means no more choking on gunsmoke).  Bring your own piece or rent anything from a .22 pistol up to a Daniel Defense M4V1 5.56.

Patrick's Uniforms and Gun Range.

17 South Rod and Gun Club
5899 N Coastal Hwy, Fleming, GA 31309
912.463-1461 17southrngclub.com

Opened just a little over a year ago by a few Bryan County folks who wanted a safe place to shoot, this private members-only club on 225 acres positions itself as the family-friendly gun range. This emphasis on enjoying outdoors and teaching young people the ins and outs of gun safety (they even have their own .22-only range) is just part of the experience.

Get some fresh country air in your lungs while you polish your shooting on the 500-yard and 100-yard rifle ranges, the 50-yard range, three 180-degree tactical bays, two skeet fields and 10-station sporting clay course. You can even shoot simulated rabbits, ducks and bears. Yeah, that’s right. Bears.

Beyond shooting, there’s also a 10-acre stocked pond, a 10-station archery course and a 5,000-square-foot clubhouse with bar and pro shop. So it’s basically summer camp, only way better.

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