Author: Barry Kaufman

Hollywood Branding

In the film industry, it’s all about branding yourself. nobody is better than Southern actor Mark Mcullough. Whether you are a Hollywood superstar or a private banker in Small Town, Georgia, everyone benefits from the classes that this up and coming A-lister hosts right here in Savannah, Georgia.

Burt Reynolds Dies at 82

Just 24 hours before South magazine's scheduled interview and photoshoot, the South's greatest actor passes away.

The Grey

The swanky art modern stylings of a defunct bus station turned out to be the perfect template for a throwback dining experience where contemporary flavors meet timeless decor.

A Shindig with Billy Reid

Fashion icon Billy Reid just wanted to throw a quiet party in his adopted hometown of Florence, Alabama. When a few hundred of his closest friends showed up, Shindig—an annual exclamation of the unique style of the South—was born.

Get Wild at Hilton Head’s Coastal Discovery Museum

Hilton Head Island offers one of the best places on earth to get up close and personal with some of the southeast coastal plain’s native critters and soak in its beautiful surroundings. From creeks and waterways to thick maritime forests,…

Heaven's Angel

Convicted felon Mel Chancey is living proof of the everlasting strength of second chances, showing the world that sometimes the road to heaven winds through miles and miles of hell.

Power House

The three little piggies wish they’d had a house like David and Andrea Howard’s. He skipped the straw, sticks, and stones and went right to concrete and created an architectural marvel.

Echoes of Old Savannah

Bestselling author C.J. Daugherty’s new book draws inspiration from her time prowling the streets of Savannah.

Cheers to 50 Years: Your Guide to a Historic Heritage

Since it first launched in 1969, putting Hilton Head Island on the map, the annual Heritage golf tournament has served as the island’s signature event. As some of golf’s biggest names make their way to Harbour Town, the entire island…

Exploring Hilton Head Island’s Majestic Waterways

By virtue of being an island, Hilton Head is surrounded by water. But apart from and meandering in between the ICW along one edge and the vastness of the Atlantic to the other, the island is a treasure trove of…

The Best Way to See Hilton Head Island: By Bike

Hilton Head Island’s lush natural beauty and blissfully temperate sub-tropical climate demand a slower pace. And its hidden wonders, tucked away among tranquil maritime forests and along the banks of peaceful lagoons, demand exploration. Combine these demands and you have…

Model Mayhem

With her striking good looks and her veteran bona fides, Miss Lauren Young has quickly become an internet sensation. This former Army MP's relentless patriotism made her a perfect fit for Nine Line Apparel.

The Art of Being Yellow

Jesse Cole, the owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, is just as vibrant and colorful as his trademark yellow tuxedo. His new book, “Find Your Yellow Tux” encourages readers to embrace what makes them different.

Super Size Me: Hilton Head for Large Groups

The great thing about a place like Hilton Head is that there’s a little something for everyone. Sure not everyone’s going to feel like golf or tennis, but who can say no to a day on the beach or a…

A Brief Guide to Hilton Head Island's Place Names

You’ve more than likely ever heard about Hilton Head Island, maybe you’ve even visited. But odds are good you’ve never once considered its odd name. Hilton Island, sure you assume that it was named after some guy named Hilton (and…

Royal Intent: A Gala for the Ages

GEORGE the second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, king, defender of the faith, and so forth. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting. So begins the charter of the great state of…

Plan Your February Hilton Head Vacation

Why You Need to Start Planning Your February Hilton Head Vacation   We know. We know. February? A beach vacation in February? But hear us out – Hilton Head Island is more than just beaches. It’s more than just golf.…

Ready for Spring Break on Hilton Head Island?

It seems like we’re heading for a pretty mild winter here in the South. Just the same, we’re already looking forward to spring break. Yeah, March is a long way off. But it will be here before you know it…


For everyone reading this, there is a time and a place where the final chapter of your story will be told, you will breathe your last and you will move on.

Dr. Hot Rod

Dr. Ronald Finger is famous in these parts as being one of the best plastic surgeons in the south. Few people know him as Ron the Race Car Driver.

Husk Savannah

Sean Brock’s four-city celebration of Southern cuisine comes to Savannah.

Farm to Table

Once thought of as simply a fad, Farm to Table has come to serve as a rallying point for conscious consumers, restaurateurs, and family farmers eager to bring food back to its roots.