South’s Greatest ’23: Skol at Debellation Brewing Co

An outlet for your love of all things Viking, look no further than Debellation Brewing in Richmond Hill. Face paint welcomed.

Photography: D. Paul Graham

Ready to let loose, throw back a beer and revel in a lively, friendly environment? Located in Richmond Hill, Debellation Brewing began with the intent to honor the founders’ ancestral roots, while also honoring veterans and first responders. Discover new styles of beer (ever had a Berzerker Viking Sahti?) that use locally sourced ingredients and often harken back to age old recipes. Try beers like a Molten Mango Pepper Pale Ale or a Draugr Black IPA on nitro.

The real heroes of this operation are the staff of Debellation. David Goodell, owner and mster brewer, describes them as engaging, fun and spontaneous. “We pour beer and have a good time.” Debellation may have a small staff but they’re doing a lot of big things, from trivia to karaoke and live music in between.

Stop by for the beer, stay for the high-spirited, easygoing surroundings!

822 Longwood Dr., Richmond Hill, GA | 912.445.4282 |

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