5 Winter Cocktails to Try

We’ve rounded up the most enticing elixirs to sample this winter. These seasonal cocktails are the perfect way to embrace the season!

Maybe you prefer reclining with an Old Fashioned by the fire. Maybe you prefer an apple cider mimosa to kick things off or a Baileys hot chocolate to wind it down. Maybe you’re the one sipping the spiked eggnog at the family gathering (we won’t judge). But if you’re looking to elevate some of your holiday favorites, restaurants around town are serving some beautiful—not to mention delicious—seasonal cocktails. Check out some of Savannah’s most merry beverages.


1. Honey Roasted Pear Martini @ a.Lure

Photo: Honey Roasted Pear Martini, courtesy of a.Lure

The Honey Roasted Pear Martini from a.Lure is the perfect balance of tangy with a touch of sweet. Their not-so-secret ingredient? Balsamic redux to tie the potion together.

2. Hot Buttered Whiskey @ a.Lure

Photo: Hot Buttered Whiskey, courtesy of a.Lure

Yes, we love a.Lure cocktails. This creation is Walnut Toffee Whiskey and their secret homemade batter! The Hot Buttered Whiskey perpetuates that warm-and-fuzzy holiday feeling, and can keep your fingers warm, too.

3. Far From the Tree @ Common Restaurant / Bar

Photo: Far from the Tree, courtesy of Common Cocktails

Far From the Tree is part of Common Restaurant’s seasonal cocktail menu, and is an irresistible blend of Earl Grey infused apple brandy, apple shrub, allspice, and absinthe rinse. The earthy, fresh apple is accented with just the right amount of bite.

Honorable Mention: Don’t forget to get your flu shot this year! The Flu Shot from Common Restaurant, that is. A concoction of gin, ginger, lemon, honey and dry curaçao, this isn’t your mother’s homemade cold remedy.

4. Tiki Toddy @ Starland Yard

Photo: Tiki Toddy, courtesy of Starland Yard

The Tiki Toddy is perfect for those who want summer all year ’round, but don’t want to get caught ordering a mai tai in the middle of winter. This cocktail includes green tea, pineapple rum, almond liqueur, clove and nutmeg. The bar at Starland Yard has a seasonal cocktail menu with plenty of clever creations, such as “The Shacket” and “Cowboy Coffee.” Check it out here.

5. Cinnamon Bourbon Smash @ Bösendorfer Lounge, Mansion on Forsyth Park

Photo: Cinnamon Bourbon Smash, courtesy of Mansion of Forsyth Park

Set in the sultry Bösendorfer Lounge at Mansion on Forsyth Park, the Cinnamon Bourbon Smash is 15 Woodford Reserve, orange bitters, a cinnamon stick and Bordeaux cherries. This beverage is strong but balanced with the perfect dose of spice and tang.