Rediscover The Mansion on Forsyth Park

The iconic Mansion on Forsyth Park is officially parting ways with Marriott and is excited to bring a new level of elevated service as a boutique hotel, part of the Kessler Collection.

Photo: Mansion on Forsyth Park

Mansion on Forsyth Park is a quintessential accommodation of the Hostess City, where luxury meets the apex of Southern hospitality. After announcing their separation from their former tie to Marriott, Savannah’s premier hotel destination is now ready to provide the signature Mansion experience.

Starting on December 18, 2020, Mansion on Forsyth Park will begin accepting reservations for January 11, 2021—when they officially separate from Autograph Collection—and beyond.

“We’re bringing back the spirit of the luxury boutique: refined elegance, southern charm and fierce independence,” says Kathryn Day, general manager of Mansion on Forsyth.

Day was part of the original team that opened the hotel 15 years ago and has recently returned, eager to restore everything that she, Savannah locals and visitors alike love about this truly exceptional property. She describes, “This hotel is such a beautiful part of Savannah, and we’re located on Forsyth Park–there’s not another luxury hotel that can say that. Prior to COVID, it’s where we had Shakespeare in the park and jazz in the park–there’s so many wonderful memories to be made here. That’s what makes us so special.”

In its shift from Marriott Autograph Collection to an independent Kessler Collection installment, a few things will change, but the essence of the hotel will harken back to its roots. “It just means we’re more independent and flexible to envision exactly what our guests want and to bring that vision to life,” Day explains. “Apart from moving away from the Marriott, we’re still the Mansion. We still provide exceptional service. My staff is the star and they do a fantastic job of making our guests’ experiences so wonderful.”

Photo: Pool and marble courtyard at Mansion on Forsyth Park

“We can provide a personalized, luxury experience to each and every person that visits. My team, they know the names of our guests and what they create is a family and friend atmosphere for our guests, and we see people come back for that experience,” says Day.

As the service remains top tier, so does the exceptional design and ambience that visitors have come to know and love. The exquisite Victorian Romanesque architecture, the eclectic, baroque decor and the distinguished-but-familiar air are as enthralling as ever.

The main changes that accompany the Mansion’s independence are in their new-and-improved offerings.

Here are a few of the highlights:

    • Refresh of the hotel’s famous 700 Drayton Restaurant: The new menu will showcase an updated selection of Southern coastal delicacies.
    • VIP access to “Plant Riverside District”: Shuttles and streamlined reservation services will facilitate access to Savannah’s newest Kessler installment—including VIP access at Electric Moon, Myrtle and Rose, Stone & Webster and others, as well as room charge access on property with priority seating options.
    • Afternoon tea: Enjoy afternoon tea in the outdoor marble courtyard or Bosendorfer Lounge.
    • And more to come!

Be sure to stay tuned about the current goings-on at Mansion on Forsyth, especially during this exciting transition. Follow the Mansion on Instagram to add beauty to your feed and find them online at for more information.

Photo: 700 Drayton, the Mansion’s signature restaurant, to feature a refreshed new menu