The Face of New South Cuisine

Executive Chef Knott & GM Mary-Elizabeth Molitoris of a.Lure Restaurant 

d. paul graham

a.Lure owner Daniel Berman has been in the restaurant game for a long time, so his latest Savannah success comes as no surprise.

Berman's a.Lure injects Lowcountry classics with a contemporary vibe and an atmosphere indicative of the city itself, with an exterior steeped in history and an interior rife with modernity. Since 2012, the Congress St. eatery has reeled in customers with its succulent selection of seafood specials and its sprightly spirit. a.Lure enlists regional purveyors to shape its menu with the finest locally grown produce, dairy and meats, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a distinct Savannah experience. / 912.233.2111