Urban Trends

The flight from the suburbs to the city forces collectors to pair down to live with what they love. We discovered three distinct styles from this growing trend

For the past several years the numbers of people moving back into cities from the suburbs have been on the rise. The Census Bureau data shows that in 2013, 2.3 million more people were living in urban areas than in 2012. Brookings Institute demographer, William Frey told USA Today that the exodus away from the suburbs is being led by retiring baby boomers and young professionals. We all see that people are waiting longer to get married, and the commitment to that big house in the suburbs is big! Plus, the price of gas has made shortening the workday commute to enjoy a cold beer for happy hour on the way home all the more enticing.


Living small, however, does not mean living with less style. Savannah’s downtown is replete with many smaller urban dwellings that pack really big style. One thread that smaller lifestyles share in common is that we are forced to pair down to living with what we really love, and this forces us to develop our own unique style. We showcase three distinct urban spaces owned by three collectors who live with what they love. Their styles have emerged into Bohemian Chic, Transitional Contemporary and Classic Traditional.


Bohemian Chic

One word: Rockstar! This Forsyth Park neighborhood deserves a rockstar, an it certainly found one when artist Ridley Stallings moved in to her new condominium. “The second I walked in, I knew I would be here for a very long time. It has only been a short time now, but I feel like it is home forever. It makes me so happy to wake up here every morning!” she exclaimed.  Generally, one gets the feeling of being in a Parisian artist’s loft which, like its owner’s talent, is larger than life!


Transitional Contemporary

The historic 1856 townhouse Lori Judge shares with her husband and nine-year-old son is exemplary of how influential a collector’s passions are to developing a personal style. “I have always thought that if you live with what you love, then everything goes together. I have never thought about whether or not things matched,” said Judge


Classic Traditional

The one bedroom apartment Mark Ellis shares with his adorable Pekingese faces the Northwest end of Forsyth Park with breathtaking views of the moss-covered live oaks and the skies above. Its grandeur belies its size and his traditional, yet eclectic, mix of objects and art make it seem like a stately European pied-a-terre.

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