The third times a charm.

South’s third year in publication brought exciting new opportunities for the magazine. In 2008 we had the pleasure of working with legends, up-and-comers, and amazing talents who helped us grow as a magazine and solidified our place in the hearts and minds of our Southern readers. By this time we had become sort of a staple in Savannahian’s daily lives. Locals looked to us for the most interesting local stories, the most happening restaurants and the latest trends. 

2008 was also the year Wall Street plummeted the economy into the worst recession since the aptly-named Great Depression. Far greater publications around the country began closing their doors, not able to garner advertising and support to print an issue. Most  print magazines and newspapers didn’t make it through those tough times.  Luckily, South had the support of the amazing people of Savannah behind it. Not only were locals unwaveringly supportive that year, but also they helped us challenge ourselves to reach unparalled creativity and relilience. We are in constant appreciation of the support of local businesses, artists and creative talents that still push us today to become the best publication the South has to offer.