Otto Bielss Voted One of the South's Greatest Bosses

Otto Bielss / Titlemax

My team is my family—all 4,500 of them! Having the opportunity to see my team grow stronger, more passionate, and more independent together, as well as personally, is what gets me out of bed every morning. They are the reason I come to work every day. I am so proud to say that I get to work alongside some of the most talented people, and I get to help them grow and develop into the leaders they are meant to be. I hire, grow, and develop great people to do great things! I like to challenge my team members to be more than they are today. I love the fact that we have broken down all of our silos and work together not only as a team, but as a family.

I see everyone for their potential no matter what their title is, and I strive to challenge my team because I see their potential and know how great they can be. I don’t do anything special—I have a very special team.

My advice to employers: Don’t be a boss, be a leader. As a leader, you are responsible for every single person that works for you and for the families that depend on them. It’s about giving back to the people who work with you every single day. Second, everything starts with talent and ends with team. That’s what it’s all about—you hire talented people, you mentor them and you grow them into a team that can accomplish anything. Third, make the small things count. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a text, a phone call, or a brief stop by someone’s office just to talk, no matter what their title or their position within the company, people should always be recognized and treated with respect.

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