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How world travels and the love nature have changed one man’s life to benefit others

Close encounters with Communist Bulgarian authorities, climbing Mount Everest, hanging out at cock fights and starting a hostel for world travelers is not what we normally associate with Southern lawyers from Pineview, Georgia. Tom Dennard is not your average legal eagle. He is a man driven by his love for adventure, travel and nature. He is a practicing wills and trusts attorney in Brunswick, Georgia and part time law professor—that’s his day job. His wanderlust and quest to teach people how to coexist more peacefully with nature are his full time obsessions.

Having traveled in over 60 countries and visited all of the European countries numerous times, one would think that he would have settled down, but no, this interview was conducted the day before he was setting off to hike the Andes Mountains. Dennard has written two books on his adventuring life, Discovering Life’s Trails and Born a Ramblin’ Man, and one filled with great inspirational thoughts on life, Daily Words to Live By. In one of his inspirational passages he wrote, “Once I say where I’m from, I can see the person’s brain clicking, ready to size me up as if they know the type of person I am because I’m a southerner. It’s probably even more so for those who are Jewish or Muslim or African-American. If you look at people as being “other,” then you have made objects of those people and taken away their humanity.” This is the kind of wisdom that is only gained by intensive interaction with other cultures; this is the benefit of traveling the world, which may very well make it a kinder, more peaceful place to live.

1975 was a turning point for the globetrotting guru who was so take with his experiences meeting people in European hostels that he decided to start one in Brunswick, Georgia, in the middle of woodland.  Dennard’s journeys have taught him that it is people who provide the real adventures in life and hostels cater to getting to know people from all walks of life. For the full article subscribe now!

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