Little Raccoon Key

South magazine recently tagged along for a girl's glamping trip to a secluded, pristine island known as Little Raccoon Key. Champagne, massages, and chef-prepared oysters were just a few luxuries we encountered.

Check out this behind the scenes video, courtesy of calvin collins.

Tag along for a girl’s glamping trip on Little Raccoon Key, an unspoiled slice of paradise. 

The guests were greeted at the departure dock of the Jekyll Island Marina by the island’s caretaker, David Runyan, before the sun peaked over the horizon. Runyan was quick to grab the bags, enlightening the group with a history lesson of the island and made everyone comfortable for a great start to the experience. Captain James Bracewell of Bracewell Tours expertly guided the boat through the channel between Jekyll Island and Little Raccoon Key. Before landing on the island, Captain Bracewell slowed the boat, allowing time for fishing and for entertainment by pods of dolphins playing and following the boat as the sun rose over the coast.

The tide was low as the vessel approached Little Raccoon Key; guests easily stepped off the bow of the boat onto the island where their bags awaited. Birds of all types flew overhead, and the spartina Savannah grass swayed and danced in the early morning breeze. Deeply breathing in the moist ocean air, any stress or pressure from day-to-day life that may have been present before departure was instantly vanquished upon meandering along the shell-covered beach.

A row of indigenous rare privet trees opened up to a view of a luxurious 26×15- waterproof tent. More than simply a bivouac—and definitely more than anything one camped in a backyard during childhood years—this glamping abode offered up a plush bed, luxurious linens, solar power, a wood-burning stove, and a homey corner replete with binoculars and a small literary collection of island history and adventure. Hammocks, Adirondack chairs, and lounges are just some of the other amenities provided to all who stay on Little Raccoon Key.

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